Continuous air fragrance, creating a pleasant washroom environment.

The EcoAire air care system uses passive technology, that is effectively distributed through natural air flow. The special slatted design allows for optimum air movement around the refill without the use of aerosols or propellants.

Passive technology is evolving with EcoAire, as it continually releases an odour neutralizing formula into the washroom environment.

The recyclable cartridge with an organic core derived from seaweed, multi-phasing air freshener technology and sub-micron fragrances, allows for a superior scenting experience.

When serviced on a predetermined schedule by our expert technicians, it manages odours effectively and continuously.


Washroom Odour Control

If you enter a foul-smelling washroom then this is the first thing you notice, and it instantly gives you a bad impression. However, a clean, fresh smelling washroom will have the opposite effect and will reflect well on your business. Washrooms are an important room in any building as they will be regularly visited by both staff and visitors to your premises.   

Citron Hygiene supply and service the latest fragrance delivery technology in a range of attractive dispensers ensuring malodours are eliminated and a subtle pleasing fragrance is delivered for all users. You only get one chance to make a first impression. See how Citron Hygiene can provide the products and services to help you make the best possible first impression.

Contact our team to find out more about controlling odours in your washroom facilities.  Alternatively, find out about our range of complete washroom solutions. 

ecoaire marble

Technical Specifications

  • A non-aerosol, multi-phasing technology neutralises malodours.
  • Continuous odour control 24 hours a day.
  • Fragrance Options: Choice of 4 fragrances (or fragrance free).
  • Dimensions: 144mm x 63mm x 70.1mm (H x W x D).
  • Power / Electrical: No batteries or power required.
  • Sustainability: Unit recycled at the end of useful life.
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