How Much Do Hand Dryers Cost?

Modern washrooms are a vital part of your business’ appearance, both to staff and visitors. Making sure they are welcoming and inviting is important and, deciding on the right fixtures and fittings is part of this. Hand dryers are an essential element of any modern business washroom, but, like all aspects of your business, it’s important to calculate the costs and plan your budget to include their installation, maintenance and more.

Benefits of providing washroom hand dryers

You may not currently have washroom hand dryers in place but if you are considering updating your current setup or opening up a new business then hand dryers are an essential consideration. There are many benefits for adding hand dryers to your commercial washroom including:

A better washroom experience

Like all aspects of your business, from the tone of your emails to your front entrance, your washrooms make an impression on your customers. A positive bathroom experience is extremely important and investing in high-quality, working hand dryers for quick and efficient drying helps to show your customers a little more about your professionalism.

A helping hand to the environment

All businesses are doing more to help the planet and switching from paper towels to hand dryers will significantly improve your business’ green side and can save you up-to £600 annually vs the cost of paper towels. Air hand dryers are the most environmentally friendly way for people to dry their hands. The carbon footprint from transport and manufacture involved in the supply of paper towels is much higher in comparison to hand dryers, while paper towels are often non-biodegradable which means disposal is more complex than simply throwing them in the bin. The highest quality hand dryers can produce fast drying air without using too much power and generating no waste materials whatsoever.

Improved hygiene

Paper towels and their dispensers sometimes require the use of handle or a button to release the towels themselves. In a world where we’re trying to minimise touch, hand dryers are a much more hygienic solution with no need to touch anything at all. Most hand dryers such as the Dyson Airblade V hand dryer are touch-free and activated by motion, making it easy and straightforward to stay clean, dry and hygienic. Furthermore, paper towels are one of the main reasons washrooms start to look untidy, as waste bins overflow. Similarly, paper towels are also one of the main reasons toilets get blocked and clogged, adding to your plumbing costs. Although hand dryers do need maintaining and servicing, these costs can be factored in more easily than emergency plumbing callouts.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Washrooms reliant on paper towels require daily maintenance, in terms of cleaning up used towels and restocking the dispensers. While there are of course maintenance and servicing requirements with hand dryers, they don’t need the same daily attention as paper towel dispensers.

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Factors that may impact cost of hand dryers

Whether you’re building a washroom from scratch, redesigning or upgrading, factoring in the cost of hand dryers means doing a few calculations. You need to keep a range of different factors in mind before making your final decision including: Number of washrooms on your premises Number of hand dryers you need Installation and servicing costs Delivery costs Weighing up these costs should give you an understanding of the investment required, and for many businesses it’s worth the investment when compared to the alternative.

Average cost of commercial hand dryers

As noted, the cost of hand dryers can vary massively with a range of factors affecting the overall price. Up front prices can range from as low as £50 up to £300-400 for the most eco-friendly options. Once installed, servicing should be minimal and the costs of servicing are low.

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Could new hand dryers save your business money?

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Cost of Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels

Many business owners are resistant to the initial cost of installing hand dryers but when you consider the benefits we’ve already mentioned and then drill down into the price differences between them and paper towels, you may be surprised. Paper towels are proven to almost always be the more expensive option. Research published shows paper towels cost approximately 2-3 times a month more than warm air hand dryers and as many as 20 times more than cool jet air hand dryers. This saving is a long-term consideration but as business owners look to cut costs, not having to budget for a permanent provision of paper towels must be seen as a thrifty cost-cutting move. From an environmental perspective, your business will be more sustainable, and studies reveal that 81% of people are more likely to choose a brand with a positive approach to sustainability. Newer hand dryer models are continuously being developed to improve their energy efficiency and cut down electricity usage.

Commercial Hand Dryers with Servicing & Installation

Explore the range of Citron Hygiene hand dryers right here. Choosing commercial hand dryers from Citron Hygiene also includes full installation by our expert engineers, ensuring they’re fully functioning before we leave. We also provide an on-time, reliable servicing solution and will fix any problems with your washroom hand dryers, if they arise, so you can always present the right impression to your staff and guests.

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