Hotel Washrooms: 10 Ways to Impress Your Guests

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Every aspect of customer experience is important, especially when it comes to a hotel. From buffet rooms to pool areas and of course the bedrooms, every touchpoint matters.

A search on popular search engines will also show a dozen results around ‘hotel washrooms’ and ‘gorgeous hotel bathrooms,’ so it’s true that if you get your washroom experience and design right, it could be found far and wide. Whilst a washroom is not necessarily a reason for someone to choose your hotel, it can definitely be a reason they might remember it.

This guide will look at how you can impress your guests and leave them feeling impressed with your washroom facilities, while also providing a hotel washroom checklist for you to follow.

The business benefits to your hotel

There are many benefits of providing a great hotel customer experience, both in and out of the washroom. Some of these include:

· Increased revenue

· Increased bookings

· Positive word of mouth

· Positive reviews on booking platforms or local listing sites such as Google My Business

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Creating exceptional hotel washrooms

No matter whether your washrooms are located in public, communal spaces or in the bedrooms, providing a great experience is vitally important.

Here are the 10 ways you can create a great hotel washroom and some factors to consider.

1. Translate your brand image

Having a consistent design from front of house areas to your washrooms is a great way to promote your brand image. For example, if your hotel is traditional in style, you can reflect that in the washroom by keeping colours, patterns and designs very similar. If your hotel is modern in style, opt for sleek white fittings that complement the washroom.

It may not seem important at first, but consistency is key when it comes to customers’ perception of your brand.

2. Go green

Going green in your hotel is becoming increasingly more important as people understand the importance of sustainability and helping the planet. There are some very simple and effective ways you can go green in your hotel which include:

· Using water saving urinals

· Using modern hand dryers

· Having refillable soap dispensers

· Install intelligent water management systems

3. Cleanliness is key

Hygiene is extremely important, especially when people are using the washroom.To prevent the spread of bacteria and germs between guests and staff, you should ensure bath towels, bath mats, shower heads, and plugholes are all cleaned regularly and disinfected.

Other features such as door handles and light switches, to floor and skirting boards, should also be included in a regular cleaning schedule.

4. Ensure fixtures work

How many times have you used a public toilet only to find out the hand dryers aren’t working or the pump on the soap dispenser is broken? That’s never a good feeling! Not to mention, unhygienic.

Ensure you’re checking key fixtures and fittings regularly to confirm they’re working. In bedrooms, other fixtures such as lights and hair dryers should also be reviewed. Otherwise, this may lead to your guests having a negative washroom experience and stay with you.

5. Use scent

You should aim to provide your customers with a luxury hotel washroom experience. One easy way to elevate their experience is by using scent. Plenty of research has been conducted that demonstrates that scent can lead to the recall of emotional memories, so by using scent a customer can positive associations with your brand. All too often, toilets have terrible odours that make using these facilities unpleasant. Through air fresheners, regular cleaning and ensuring toilets are flushed after use, you can mitigate any unwanted smells.

Just as you should aim to create a relaxing experience for your customers in the bedrooms, you should put that same effort into your washrooms.

6. Stay stocked up

Your supplies should always be stocked up enough to accommodate each guest’s stay. Toilet rolls and soap dispensers are essential and should be plenty in supply.

If a guest is unable to correctly use your washrooms, they are very likely to complain and can potentially ruin the reputation of your business.

7. Provide free sanitary products

Out of respect for your washroom users that menstruate, you can provide a considerate experience by providing free-vend period products. Sanitary towels and tampons are a necessity like toilet roll and soap and providing these items can demonstrate an extra level of care.

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8. Provide complimentary products

Providing guests with complimentary products can improve the experience they have when they stay at your hotel. Products can include:

· Soap

· Shampoo

· Conditioner

· Shower cap

· Bath gel

· Combs

· Shaving kits

This can set you apart from other competitors as companies who go above and beyond to provide an outstanding experience are much more memorable. As a result, you’ll get repeat custom, excellent reviews and increased revenue.

9. It’s all in the detail

Attention to detail is key when standing out, so don’t forget to pay attention to details in your hotel washrooms such as:

· Towels – it’s worth investing in good quality towels. Guests will be able to feel the difference between old towels that have lost their softness, vs luxurious towels that are soft to touch and easily absorb water from the skin.

· Shower head – should deliver a steady stream of water that’s not too weak or overpowering, focusing more on delivering a therapeutic experience. To go above and

beyond, you could provide guests with various shower head spray options so they can choose their preference.

· Quality lighting above mirrors – the importance of good, bright lighting can’t be overlooked. Dim lighting in hotel bathrooms can make it difficult for guests to see what they’re doing when following beauty regimes such as applying make-up or shaving, and can lead to a negative experience.

Other ways to maximise the hotel guest experience

These are just some of our recommendations to you for providing a luxury experience in your hotel washrooms.

See our top tips to maximise hotel hygiene and the guest experience for more information on how you can continue improving your facilities.

Citron Hygiene provide a range of washroom hygiene services that can help to elevate the whole customer experience. To find out more about our solutions, get in touch with our team today.

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