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When it comes to hand hygiene most washroom facilities understand the importance of providing soap and water to users. However, in some washrooms less care and attention is given to the importance of hand drying. This simply should not be the case. Damp hands can rapidly spread germs around a building and for this reason, it is very important to provide effective hand drying solutions in any washroom. Providing the necessary solutions to allow washroom users to dry their hands effectively is just as important as providing the soap and water to allow them to wash their hands in the first place.

Unfortunately, providing hand drying solutions that work, and work well, is often overlooked. Just think how many times you have been in a washroom and experienced a cold, weak blowing hand dryer or a stack of paper towels that have been soaked with water due to being placed next to the sink, making them a useless solution for drying your hands.

The outcome is that you probably end up shaking your hands over the sink and wiping them on your clothes in a futile attempt to dry them. In this circumstance your damp hands will be carrying germs, which will then be transferred to the washroom door handle and beyond that any equipment or surfaces your hands come into contact with. In this way germs can be rapidly spread around a building, demonstrating the negative impact that ineffective, inadequate hand drying solutions can have.

In this article we’ll be taking a look at some of the best hand drying solutions that can be provided in washrooms to ensure users can dry their hands effectively, reducing the spread of germs.

Hand drying methods

Paper towel dispenser

Paper towel dispensers can be a great hand drying solution, especially when an electricity supply for hand dryers is not available. When used correctly paper towels are highly effective at absorbing moisture from the surface of the hands.

One of the main issues with paper towels is that they can become easily contaminated depending on how they are provided in washrooms. If they are left exposed on washroom surfaces, such as next to sinks, then the chances of them becoming contaminated with germs increases substantially.

This means it’s important to provide paper towel dispensers that will protect the paper from becoming contaminated. Dispensers will hold the paper keeping it dry and clean for users.

Hand dryers

Hand dryers are a popular method of hand drying provided in many washrooms. Electric hand dryers provide a convenient, easy-to-use and quick hand drying solution for users. The important thing is to make sure that the hand dryers provided do the job. Old hand dryers often use a lot of electricity but can often not be effective at drying hands.

On the other hand, modern hand dryers are eco-friendly as they dry hands quickly and use very little electricity. The Citron Pebble Hand Dryer can dry hands in only 12 seconds and operates from only 400W making it ultra-efficient as well as highly effective.

If your washroom is currently fitted with old, inefficient hand dryers, then it can be cost effective to consider replacing them with modern alternatives that can reduce energy usage and provide a more effective hand drying solution.

Citron Hygiene provide a range of modern energy-efficient hand dryers that can be fitted by our team with minimum disruption to your business operation.

Hand Dryer Buying Guide

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Choosing a hand drying solution

The most appropriate hand drying solution will vary depending on the washroom. If an electricity supply is not available, then a roller towel cabinet or paper towel dispenser may be the best solution. If electricity is available, then a hand dryer may be the solution of choice.  Discover more about choosing the best solution in our ultimate guide to commercial hand dryers. 

Providing effective hand drying solutions will ensure that hand hygiene is taken seriously on your premises and will help to reduce the spread of potentially harmful germs. If you would like to find out more about providing effective hand drying in your washrooms, then please contact our team who will be happy to help advise you.

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