Fragrance: more than just a nice smell

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The appearance of your washroom sends an important message about how highly your business values hygiene and cleanliness.  Most businesses would want their staff and customers to describe their washroom facilities as hygienic and clean but did you realise that the smell of your washrooms and premises is also highly influential?

The right aroma is important because one of the most remarkable things about the sense of smell is its ability to evoke emotions.  An unpleasant smelling washroom can trigger a sense of disgust as it indicates to people that the facilities aren’t as clean as they should be or that they haven’t been properly maintained and serviced. In fact, the ‘wrong’ smell can even influence that crucial make or break decision, when choosing a care facility or a nursery

Controlling malodours in washrooms

Malodours in washrooms can be easily controlled and treated with fragrance systems and air cleaning systems.

Fragrance systems are designed to neutralise unpleasant smells. The Citron EcoAire Fragrance Unit, for example, releases selected fragrances for men’s and women’s washrooms, using a combination of environmentally friendly fuel cell technology and natural air movement. Or the Citron Seasons fragrance which uses Microtrans® to penetrate and soak into malodour particles. Transforming the malodours into a neutral base, removing any unpleasantness and creating a fresh and hygienically smelling washroom.

Air cleaning systems

Fragrance is one way to treat air quality but to really improve air quality it needs to be cleaned. Sophisticated air cleaning systems, such as the Citron Clear, not only removes odours but it also destroys airborne and surface bacteria and 99.5% of airborne viruses. Air quality is influenced by many factors including fumes, bacteria, viruses as well as dust particles and pollen.  By treating all of these compounds, CitronClear can help organisations create the best possible impression.

Destroying malodours at source

For extra protection against bad odours, Citron Hygiene treats its Feminine Hygiene Units  and Offensive Waste Disposal units with Activap™ a unique, naturally based germicide that uses vapour phase action to kill bacteria and control odours throughout the entire unit  (and not just where contaminated waste makes contact with the surfaces).

Corporate Scents

Of course, it’s not just your washrooms that your staff and customers experience.  More and more businesses are getting wise to the fact that creating a unique aroma for their business can also be very influential. The right aroma can help customers form positive brand associations, by evoking pleasant memories and building emotional engagement. However, it’s very important that the aromas are not over-powering or smell artificial. The CitronScent delivers the timely release of a subtle fragrance, from a range of eight carefully blended fragrances, to complement your brand and present a positive image.

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