Safe Removal and Disposal of PPE Poster

Help your employees use safe working practices to protect themselves and others from infection with our free instructional poster.

Removing PPE in the right order, and the right way, helps greatly reduce the likelihood of contamination and infection. COVID-19 has contributed to highlighting existing issues where staff are unsure or out of habit of incorrectly remove and dispose of their PPE. Compliance in this area is a basic but essential requirement, and failure to correctly deal with used PPE increases the risk of infection to staff and visitors alike.

By encouraging the correct PPE removal and disposal procedures, you help to promote a healthy work environment and reduce the risk of illness to your staff and those around them.

The Importance of Removing PPE Safely  

Routine PPE hygiene practices are essential in minimising the spread of viruses and bacteria in your premises. Help keep the risk in your business or establishment to a minimum by displaying your ‘how to safely remove PPE ’ poster and help staff protect themselves by following WHO recommended guidelines as displayed on the poster. Ensure that closed bins are available at all times, and in all areas where PPE may need to be disposed of. Ensure your PPE waste bins are cleaned and emptied regularly and safely.

For proper removal of PPE waste, contact your hygiene service provider to set up a waste removal service. This service ensures your staff do not have to come into contact with potentially harmful waste. By helping staff maintain good PPE removal practices you are promoting positive habits that will help your employees and visitors stay healthy and reduce the risk of illness.

Where to Display Your PPE Removal & Disposal Poster

The World Health Organisation states that face masks, gloves, wipes and paper tissues should be hygienically disposed of using a closed PPE waste bin. This poster is likely to be most effective when displayed in prominent locations near disposal stations, PPE prepping areas, and in toilet cubicles where it can be easily seen. It may also be displayed on the back of doors where PPE is kept or used, and in and in all areas where the use of PPE is advised.

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