Environmentally friendly floorcare

Corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important with many companies actively taking steps to reduce their environmental impact. At Citron Hygiene we’re committed to reduce the environmental impact of our service and products, which in turn saves resources and money for our customers. One of the ways that we’re taking steps to improve sustainability is through eco-friendly floor mats.

Recyclable end of life mats

Citron Hygiene has worked very hard to ensure our end of life mats are 100% recycled. Given the thousands of customers we service across the UK this represents a significant step forward in reducing the floor mats that have to go to landfill. To date, we have diverted over 12 tonnes of mats away from landfill.

ECONYL® Regeneration System

Abandoned fishing nets account for 10% of all marine litter and these nets cause serious problems in the oceans for marine animals. It’s for this reason that Citron Hygiene’s standard mat range is made from 100% regenerated ECONYL® nylon 6 yarn.

The ECONYL® yarn is made from pre and post-industrial or consumer waste such as fishing nets recovered from the ocean. This avoids using virgin nylon yarn in the manufacture of new mats, which is made using crude oil. Replacing your mats with regenerated ECONYL® mats will contribute to a positive environmental certification.

Lift and lay mat service

Our lift and lay service is becoming increasingly popular with companies. Instead of purchasing mats outright and then facing the problems of disposal, with our national fleet of vehicles, Citron Hygiene are ideally placed to provide a professional lift and lay service to our customers.

This means our customers always have fresh, clean mats on the floor of their premises and gives us the ability to recycle any mats collected that need to be disposed of. We were certainly delighted to become the first company in the UK providing floorcare services to recycle mats.

Make your mats green

Floorcare is very important to keep your building free of dirt and moisture that can damage floors, increase cleaning costs and cause slip hazards. Take your corporate social responsibility seriously by using eco-friendly mats in your business.

If you’re interested in understanding more about our lift and lay floorcare solutions or would like to discuss your floorcare requirements in more detail, then please contact our team using our contact form or call 08000 66 55 52 

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