Are Hand Dryers Environmentally Friendly?

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Hand dryers have been a regular feature in UK washrooms for years now, but they have certainly come a long way since the earliest inceptions. It is important to provide people using washrooms with water and soap to provide an effective method of hand washing, to stop the spread of germs, but hand drying facilities are also incredibly important. Wet or damp hands lead to the rapid spread of harmful germs, so it is important to provide hand dryers that work.

The fact that hand dryers are powered by electricity means that they are sometimes criticised as a damaging method of hand drying for the environment when compared with other hand drying solutions. So, let’s find out if hand dryers can be referred to as eco-friendly.

The History of Hand Dryers

Chicago-based inventor George Clemens is often credited by many as inventing the first hand dryer in 1949, whereas in fact the very first hand dryer appeared in 1921. Despite this, Clemens was still very important in popularising hand dryers as a worldwide hand drying solution.

Early hand dryers were nothing like what we experience in washrooms today. They were loud, very inefficient and took minutes rather than seconds to dry your hands. However, as with any device, with time and innovation the hand dryer became an increasingly effective method of drying and became a regular feature in washrooms throughout the UK.

Effective & Efficient Hand Dryers

There has certainly been a strong focus in the last few years on further improving effectiveness and efficiency, so does this mean we can now refer to modern day hand dryers as being environmentally friendly?

The evidence is certainly there to suggest we can. For example, the Citron Pebble Hand Dryer operates from just 400w and can dry hands in just 12 seconds. This combination of effectiveness and efficiency means that less electricity is used which, of course, is better for the environment. Not only that, but by using such energy efficient hand dryers, hand drying costs can be reduced by as much as 80%.

Modern hand dryers also require very little maintenance, which helps save time and money when it comes to washroom management. There may be a larger initial investment required than other options, but in the long run installing hand dryers can save you money, as well as benefiting the environment.

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Modern Hand Dryers Can Save Money & The Environment

The recent developments in eco hand dryers means that older models have been left behind. Improving a company’s dryers is not only better for the environment, but also for the bank balance, as it also helps to reduce costs. If your company is currently using old hand dryers the good news is that upgrading your company’s dryers to more eco-friendly devices is a simple process.

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