What is an Intelligent Water Management System?

Your business undoubtedly uses water every day and this comes at a cost. Managing your business’ water usage is important for the environment and your bottom line. Water systems are complex and for most companies, the only indication they have of their water usage is their monthly or annual bill. Making savings wherever possible is something all businesses should consider important. Installing an Intelligent Water Management System will help your business avoid flushing water and money down the drain, literally.

What is a water management system?

A water management system is designed to help your business reduce its water usage, for the benefit of the environment and costs. Citron Hygiene‘s Intelligent Water Management System is installed in your washroom and uses a device that’s fitted into the urinal to remove odours from uric salts. Our water management solutions reduce water consumption by up to 90% whilst simultaneously keeping your urinals odour free and are a proven success in a wide range of workplaces and sectors.

Intelligent water management solutions

Uric salts are the primary cause of bad smells in a commercial washroom. To combat this, you may try and flush the bad smells away, but this won’t solve anything. Instead, you’ll just be wasting water and if not treated correctly, you could even end up with blocked pipework which will mean you have to spend money on costly repairs in addition to higher water bills.

Urinals can account for around 20% of water use in a commercial office setting, and constant flushing causes this. Our Intelligent Water Management System is the answer.

The Intelligent Water Management System sets flushing at controlled intervals and is used in combination with the Actiflow Urinal Cartridge that works to break down uric salts. It features 35 billion friendly bacteria to remove nasty odours and keep your washrooms smelling fresh for longer.

Our Intelligent Water Management System is fully programmable, giving you ultimate control over your urinals.


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How does your water use add up?

See how much you could save by installing water management solutions in your washroom

Benefits of Intelligent Water Management

Businesses should care about water conservation but also the potential expense of wasting water unnecessarily. The main benefits of investing in Intelligent Water Management include:

Cost savings

If you minimise the water your business wastes, your water bill will naturally fall. With significantly rising costs in energy and utilities we need to find ways to reduce our outgoings. Cutting down on wastewater is easy and can be a great way to save.

Flush Table adjustments

The Intelligent Water Management System allows you to adjust your flushing schedule as and when you need to. Having a particularly busy day on your business premises? With just a few simple steps you can easily increase hourly flushes and change the intervals as necessary to fit the demands of your washroom.


58% of the world’s population expected to live in water-scarce areas by 2050, so it is essential that we act now to ensure this resource is protected. All businesses should play their part by using water intelligently to prevent waste. The Intelligent Water Management System will contribute to your sustainability goals.


Other ways to save water in the workplace

Saving water is not just about utilising the latest technologies, there are simple changes you can make, including:


If you want your staff to appreciate your establishment’s commitment to water conservation, you need to make them aware of it. Provide training on water scarcity and the importance of conservation. You can also use signage around your commercial washroom, reminding everyone to be mindful when using water.

Fix leaks

Small leaks and drips can result in hundreds of litres of wasted water each year. Even the smallest leak should be dealt with quickly to ensure you’re wasting as little water as possible.  Installing Citron Hygiene’s Smart Water Meter will help you identify any unusually high water usage, such as drips or leaks.

Energy-efficient options

When it comes to replacing appliances in your business, always opt for the most energy efficient products within your budget. Dishwashers are almost always more water efficient than badly managed washing up. Similarly, you should look at water efficient laundry appliances if necessary for your workplace.

There are many ways of saving water in the workplace to bring your water bills down and do your bit for the environment.


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Avoid flushing money down the drain with the Intelligent Water Management System

Citron Hygiene is here to help your business meet its water efficiency goals and minimise its water usage so you can save costs and meet your sustainability objectives. Our technical team will fit the system at a time that works best for you.

If you’d like to install the Intelligent Water Management System in your washroom, speak to a member of our team today.

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