Intelligent Water Management

Every business uses water, but it can be difficult to know how much your company is using and if it is being wasted. Water systems can be complex, and this means that for many companies the only point of reference they have regarding how much water they are using is their water bill. A water bill is a useful reference point, but it does not tell the full story of how water is being used. There can be hidden issues in your water system such as leaks or malfunctions that are causing water to be wasted. This means you could be paying far more money on water usage than you need to be. As a business, you may have goals to reduce your costs and reduce water usage and this is where Citron Hygiene can help. 

Citron Hygiene’s Intelligent Water Management team provide a complete water saving solution from assessment of water usage to fitting water saving solutions to save your business money and resources. Our water management solutions have been proven to work in the most demanding environments including leisure centres, hotels, restaurants, motorway service centres and educational facilities. 



Water usage monitoring

Our Smart Water Meter identifies water usage patterns and gives real time water usage data displayed in a clear and concise web-based report. The smart meter can be fitted to urinal, toilet and tap water supplies, and can work out where water is being used across your business, so you can take the necessary steps to make your water usage more efficient. This means your business can significantly reduce water wastage costs by gaining a valuable insight into your waste water usage.

The level of insight is so advanced that the smart meter will detect exactly where water is being used. If your taps are using more water than needed, if your urinals are constantly flushing or leaking, and if your toilets are flushing a full cistern of water on every flush, then you will be informed via the report. This gives you total control over your water usage.

Intelligent water management solutions

Our operatives can quickly and easily install Smart Water Meters in your business, giving you a complete insight into water usage. Once problems are detected Citron Hygiene can then fit the appropriate water management solutions to save water.

Our Smart Water Meter identifies that your urinals are using too much water, then we can fit our Actiflow urinal cartridges, which can reduce urinal water consumption by up to 90%. If your taps are using too much water, then we can fit tap aerators to reduce water flow, and the Actiflush push-button device can be fitted to toilets to save up to 10 litres of water per flush.

Fitting these solutions can lead to an immediate and dramatic reduction in waste water usage. Our Smart Water Meter delivers an industry leading waste management solution that saves your business money, delivers a return on investment and has a positive impact on the environment.    

If you would like to stop flushing money down the drain, contact our team to find out more about the benefits of installing Smart Water Meters in your business. 


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