Intelligent Water Management Solutions

Water is a scarce resource and measures should be taken to manage its use and reduce waste to use it as efficiently as possible. Reducing water usage is not only good for the environment but can lead to significant savings on your company’s water bills.

Water management solutions that can save up to 90% on water bills

Implementing a sustainable water management solution can improve your company finances as well as contribute towards meeting your corporate social responsibility objectives. This can be achieved by using water more effectively, such as installing water efficient taps and flush systems in your washrooms which can in turn elevate the washroom experience for your staff and guests. Whether you’re in charge of one or several washrooms, Citron Hygiene’s intelligent water management solutions could save your business up to 90% on your water bills.

Saving water and reducing cost using sustainable water management solutions

Citron Hygiene are committed to providing environmentally friendly water management solutions which can help your business save water and reduce costs.

Actiflow Water Management System

The Citron Hygiene ActiFlow System has been designed to save up to 90% of water use when compared to unmanaged cisterns and is made from 100% biodegradable plastic.

Citron Hygiene ActiFlow water management hygiene systemCitron Hygiene ActiFlush water management hygiene system

ActiFlow has been designed to work with a number of washroom systems to improve efficiency and save water.

Water Management for Urinals

Male washroom urinals are generally one of the most inefficient areas in a business when it comes to water usage. Many organisations flush water continuously down urinals to try to get rid of bad smells, but this is not an effective cleaning method, wastes a vast amount of water, and leads to over-inflated water bills.

The Actiflow urinal cartridge works in conjunction with a water management system which controls the flush cycle of a cistern and, thanks to its advanced microbiological solution, helps prevent blockages and keeps malodours at bay. Water use is significantly reduced, and the standard of your washroom is not compromised by bad odours.

Citron Hygiene intelligent water management solutions help control flush cycles to avoid wasting water whilst maintaining outstanding hygiene in the washroom.

Water Management for Washroom Toilets

We also supply the remarkable Actiflush button for standard toilets that allows your business to convert a traditional flush cistern into a fully variable system saving even more water. Simply press the button to stop the flush and save water on every use.

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How Much Could You Save On Your Business Water Bills?

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