What does good hygiene look like in a washroom?


For the best possible first impression, a clean washroom is essential for any business. But a clean-looking washroom isn’t necessarily the same thing as a hygienically clean washroom.  In fact, when it comes to hygiene, relying on appearances can be a dangerous thing.

Maintaining and servicing washrooms is big business and hygiene providers will all tell you that they will clean and service your washrooms to the highest standard. But how do you really know?

Instead of taking the cleanliness of your washroom at face-value, it’s worth asking some important questions to see whether your provider really is up to the mark.  At Citron Hygiene, we are confident that our washroom products and services are second to none when it comes to the highest levels of hygiene in the workplace, as well as offering smart, money-saving solutions. We outline a number of examples below.

Are your washrooms floors as pristine as they can be?

Washroom floors need to be clean, dry and hygienic. If people are greeted with slow, noisy dryers or fiddly controls, they are much more likely to shake the water off their hands than bother with a dryer. Fast, sensor-controlled hand dryers are an easy way to encourage people to dry their hands properly, such as with the Dyson 9kJ Hand Dryer. Not only will your floors keep dry and clean but effective hand drying helps stop the spread of germs, helping to keep your employees safe and healthy.

Are you spending more on washroom maintenance than you need to?

Energy efficient hand dryers and intelligent water management systems can make a real difference to your budget. The Citron Pebble operates at an amazingly low and cost effective 300-700W and takes just 12 seconds. Our Actiflush water saving device can convert a traditional flush cistern into a fully variable system and can significantly reduce your water usage.  Smart hygiene, smart savings!

Are the soap dispensers & sanitary hygiene bins protected with bacteria-busting surface coating?

Hygiene isn’t just about the product, it’s also about how the product is used. That’s why many of our washroom solutions, such as hand sanitiser units and manual soap dispensers, are protected by Biomaster, a highly sophisticated antimicrobial that helps to minimise cross-contamination by reducing bacteria levels on a surface.

These are just some of the questions you should be putting to your hygiene services provider. Why not talk to our expert customer support team who can advise you on the best washroom and hygiene care for your business?

Find out how we can help elevate your washroom experience. Talk to us.

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