The Truth About 3 Popular Hygiene Myths


When it comes to hygiene there’s no shortage of information available, however not all of it is true!  In this article, we’ll be taking a look at three common hygiene myths that many people believe and explain why they are incorrect.

Myth: ‘Hand Dryers Spread Germs’

Some people believe that hand dryers spread germs and are therefore not a good method of drying your hands after washing them. In fact, if hand dryers are effective then they are one of the best methods of preventing the spread of germs.

However, it’s important to note that this is only if the hands dryers work well and are effective at drying hands, because damp, wet hands are indeed one of the worst spreaders of harmful bacteria. You have probably been in a washroom at some point where you’ve washed your hands, attempted to use the hand dryer, only to be met by a limp cough of tepid air? This is, of course, not effective hand drying and leads to people leaving the washroom with damp, wet hands which can spread germs.

The workplace is a busy environment and people often don’t have time to stand for minutes by the hand dryer waiting for their hands to dry. Make sure that your company’s washrooms are fitted with highly effective hand dryers that provide a powerful, blast of air, capable of drying hands in just seconds.

Myth: ‘Everyone Knows How To Wash Their Hands’

Knowing how to wash your hands seems simple enough, but a large number of people do not actually understand how to do it effectively. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) conducted a study and revealed that over 80% of adults do not wash their hands for long enough to effectively kill harmful germs.

The study reiterated that people need to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. A simple way of remembering this is that this is the same amount of time it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice. You should apply enough soap to cover your hands and make sure you wash your fingers, palms and the backs of your hands thoroughly.

The NHS highlights how washing your hands is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself against illnesses, so following the simple advice above reduces your chances of failing ill.  Ineffective handwashing leads to the spread of viruses and bacteria that leads to a number of illnesses, such as colds and flu. The workplace can be one of the worst environments for spreading germs and this leads to sick days amongst staff and reduced productivity. By encouraging hand washing the spread of germs can be severely reduced, making the office a healthier place.

Myth: ‘Viruses Can’t Stay Alive on Hard Surfaces’

Have you ever been in the washroom and seen someone walk out without washing their hands? You may well then be reluctant to touch the door handle after this person and for good reason!

Viruses can stay alive on hard surfaces, such as computer keyboards, desks and door handles for hours. For example, the flu virus can remain present for between 2-8 hours!

Practising Good Hygiene

Hopefully, after reading about the myths listed above, you have a better idea of how to improve your personal hygiene standards and encourage those around you to do the same. Next time you see someone at work leave the washroom without washing their hands maybe send them the link to this article and hopefully they will get the message!

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