The Citron Hygiene WWE Project explained

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At Citron Hygiene we’re absolutely committed to reducing the environmental impact of our company and helping our customers to do the same. We’re doing this through our WWE Project.

What is the Citron Hygiene WWE project?

Our WWE Project is our commitment as a company to increasing sustainability across the key areas of Waste, Water and Energy, with the ultimate aim of reducing the environmental impact of Citron Hygiene and our customers. The WWE Project is unrivalled in our industry sector. This ambitious programme aims to increase sustainability by working hand in hand with our customers to deliver clear results.

What steps have Citron Hygiene taken to reduce our environmental impact?

We’re improving sustainability across our organisation in a number of different ways:

Eliminating landfill waste – we are working with our suppliers to reduce the amount of waste that ends up as landfill. To date we have diverted over 12 tonnes of mats away from landfill by ensuring our anti fatigue matting is 100% recycled.

Driving down our carbon footprint – we review the logistics of our operation to reduce the distance driven by our drivers. We also benefit from having service centres throughout the UK, which ensures that wherever your business is based, there will be a Citron Hygiene Service Centre nearby.

Innovating our hygiene solutions – we work with our suppliers to help protect and preserve vital eco-systems. For example, our standard mat range produced by our manufacturing partner is made using ECONYL-8 yarn, which is made from discarded fish nets reclaimed from the sea.

Helping businesses save water – we provide a range of intelligent water saving solutions that can help businesses save up to 90% on their water usage.

Reducing energy usage – we have invested in innovative energy efficient hand dryers that operate from as little as 720W, which significantly reduces energy usage.

Save money and resources with Citron Hygiene

We work with our customers to help reduce water and energy usage. In turn, this can significantly reduce a business’ bills. Citron Hygiene provide a range of effective water and energy saving solutions to help your business save resources and save money.

Water Saving Solutions

The UK Environmental Agency has warned that by 2030 the UK could suffer from water shortages. We can no longer take water for granted and it’s important for businesses to take steps to reduce water usage sooner rather than later. Citron Hygiene provide a number of solutions to help organisations do this.

Every business uses water, but not every business uses it efficiently. Fitting a Smart Water Meter helps to monitor water usage and patterns to identify areas where savings can be made. The level of insight is so advanced that you will be alerted if your taps are using more water than necessary or if your toilets are using too much water when flushing. With the Smart Water Meter, you can have total control over your water usage.

When issues are highlighted, it’s then important to fit the right solutions to solve them. For example, if your toilets are using too much water on each flush then you can fit the Actiflush water saving system which can save up to 10 litres of water every time the toilet is flushed.

The Actiflow system can reduce urinal water consumption by as much as 90% by controlling flushing to significantly reduce water bills.

Find out how much water your business could save by booking a FREE water saving consultation. Contact our team to find out more.

Energy Saving Solutions

Old hand dryers are often ineffective at drying hands and also use a considerable amount of energy. Modern energy efficient hand dryers are often much more effective as a hand drying solution and also use less energy. Fitting energy efficient hand dryers from Citron Hygiene can reduce your hand drying costs by as much as 80%.

Reduce your water and energy bills by up to 90%

Corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important for businesses as public awareness about environmental issues continues to grow. Make sure your business is taking your corporate social responsibilities seriously by taking steps to reduce water and energy usage.

Citron Hygiene can help your business to save resources and save money. For more information on our WWE Project and to find out how we can help your business become more sustainable, please contact our team.

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