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An increasing population combined with climate change has been found to be the main causes of increasing stress on global water supplies. These pressures mean we could be potentially facing a shortage of water in the UK by 2030 with significant deficits predicted in the South East and London. [1]

Tackling Water Resource Issues

Water is a precious resource and something that is very often taken for granted by both individuals and businesses. However, if action is not taken now to reduce demand, reduce water waste and increase supply we could be facing a potential crisis.   A recent report highlighted three areas that should be tackled when it comes to protecting water for the future[2]:

  • Address leakage from water companies that is currently estimated at 3 billion litres per day
  • Reform approaches and address unsustainable water abstraction levels
  • Reduce demand and water waste from industry, business and the public

To raise awareness of the issues and develop solutions to tackle these issues, there have been a number of initiatives and plans put in place by governing bodies and policy institutions across the world.

World Water Week

World Water Week is a movement organised by SIWI and has been running for nearly 30 years. Taking place annually between the 26th-31st August, the movement aims to take transformative action against global water challenges[3].

World Water Week brings people together to collaborate and develop solutions to current and future environmental issues. Although the main event takes place in Sweden, by raising awareness businesses, individuals and policy makers can consider what steps they can take to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Water Monitoring Day

Established in 2003, Water Monitoring Day takes place annually on the 18th September and aims to look at how we use water with a specific focus on reducing water waste. Although, monitoring water usage should be done on an ongoing basis, the day is the ideal chance to explore further opportunities to reduce water waste.

25 Year Environment Plan

The UK Government have set out a 25-year environment plan that includes an ambition to ensure plentiful availability of water, reduce water consumption by individuals and reform water abstraction approaches. The UK government plan to incentivise and promote greater water efficiency to ensure water supplies are increased.[4]

Water Usage in Business

Government campaigns and initiatives such as World Water Week and Water Monitoring Day are beneficial in educating people on the growing pressures on our water supplies. However, in order for there to be long lasting positive change there must be collective action from businesses, individuals, policy makers and other bodies.

As currently 50% of water is used in industry and business, companies have a key role to play if water consumption is be significantly reduced. It is vital that companies innovate, invest in intelligent water management solutions and change attitudes to water usage as it is so prevalent to a healthy environment and human health.

Help Us Save 10 million Cubic Litres of Water

Citron Hygiene understand the importance of protecting this precious resource for a sustainable water future. As part of our Save Water campaign, we are encouraging businesses across the UK to help us save 10 million cubic litres of water by receiving a FREE water saving consultation from our Intelligent Water Management Team.

For many businesses it is unclear where water is being wasted and where savings can be made which is why these consultations are so useful. By giving you valuable, deep insight into water usage in your business, we can identify areas where water could be used more efficiently. This in turn, can help your company make a positive impact on the environment and can reduce your business’ costs.

To book your FREE consultation, contact our friendly team by calling 08000 66 55 52

How we helped Genting Casinos

Annual Water Savings of 1.5 million litres

Many businesses understand that reducing water consumption is important and is a sustainability challenge. However, for many companies it is difficult to know how to reduce water waste without impacting operations and hygiene in the washroom.

This is why Citron Hygiene approached Sheffield City Centre based site, Genting Casinos to test our new Smart Water Meter product. The Smart Water Meter provided valuable insight to the Genting Casinos team on water consumption in their business. The data gained from the Smart Water Meter showed that there was vast opportunity for water to be used more efficiently. For this reason, Citron Hygiene installed intelligent water management products into the casinos’ washrooms to reduce water waste.

Through using the Smart Water Meter combined with water management systems, Genting Casino report that they are saving a staggering 4,113 litres of water per day – amounting to move than 1.5 million litres of water annually.

Our Intelligent Water Management Solutions

In addition to offering free water saving consultations, Citron Hygiene have developed a wide range of intelligent water management solutions designed to help businesses reduce their water use and can achieve savings of up to 90% on your water bills.

Smart Water Meter

In order to know where to make savings, it’s vital that you know where water is being used and wasted. Our Smart Water Meter offers powerful insight on exactly where water is being used. The level of insight shows you where there may be leaks in your workplace or where water is being wasted due to excessive flushing. With real time data and monitoring, water usage can be managed, and relevant action can be taken to make savings.

Water Usage in your Washroom

Washrooms can be one of the most inefficient areas when it comes to a business’ water usage. If you are looking to make savings and increase water efficiencies, your company’s washroom can be a good place to start.

Toilet flushing can account for nearly 50% of all water used in business which is where Citron Hygiene’s Actiflush water saving system can help. Fitting this little button can turn old flush cisterns into a modern, variable system allowing you to save up to 10 litres of water every time it used.

Reduce Water Consumption in your Business

Make sure your business is contributing and taking action to save water.

If you would like more information on our range of intelligent water management solutions or if you would like to book your FREE consultation, contact our team using the form on this page.

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