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The Earth is currently facing a myriad of environmental problems and worrying trends that have increased at an alarming rate.

These trends and issues that include waste, climate change and air pollution have caused the number of worldwide disasters to quadruple to 400 each year since 1970. Just some of these disasters include tsunamis, hurricanes and flash floods. 

Further figures highlight the scale of some of the environmental issues with recent reports suggesting that over 2 billion tons of waste is dumped worldwide each year and over 4 million tons of that waste is dumped in our precious oceans.

If action is not taken to address these major environmental problems there could be stark negative consequences that affect human existence in the near future

Educating people to make simple changes in what they buy and how they consume can have a big impact on protecting the planet. There are number of different groups who attempt to raise awareness of these very important environmental issues including the Earth Day Network who organize Earth Day.  

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an event that takes place annually on the 22nd April and aims to bring people together to address environmental and sustainability issues that are affecting our Earth worldwide.

It is a day where figures such as actors, government leaders, politicians, businesses and consumers can come together to make a real impact. The key message is that small actions to ‘go green’ can make a big difference and those who participate are invited to share ‘acts of green’ to inspire others to join the movement towards a more sustainable future. By 2020, the organization has set the target of reaching 3 billion acts of green.

These actions include committing to making more sustainable choices, reducing your carbon footprint and conserving energy. 

Due to the increasing pressure on protecting the environment and the Earth’s resources, its vital that organizations take concerns seriously and take steps to contribute to a greener future but how can they do this?

Make sustainable choices in your business

Businesses can take action and commit to a simple act of green by considering more environmentally friendly products and services. Not only will your business be meeting its corporate social responsibilities, but you will be also be playing a big role in protecting the future of the Earth.

As part of our commitment to Earth Day, Citron Hygiene are striving to help businesses become more eco-friendly with our range of environmentally friendly floorcare solutions.

What makes our floorcare solutions eco-friendly?

Citron Hygiene have worked hard to take vital steps to minimise the environmental impact of the products and services we provide to businesses. One way we have achieved this is with our eco-friendly floorcare solutions.

100% recyclable matting

By ensuring our end-of-life mats, entrance mats and image mats are 100% recycled, we have managed to divert over 12 tonnes of mats away from landfill to date. Replacing your current mats with ones that are recycled will help your business work towards a sustainable future.

100% regenerated ECONYL®

One big environmental issue that the Earth faces is the amount of waste in our oceans. Waste that includes fishing nets has serious negative implications on the environment and the animals in the ocean.

Therefore, we have worked towards ensuring all our standard mats are made using 10% regenerated ECONYL® yarn. This yarn comes from industrial or consumer waste such as fishing nets from the ocean.

Managed lift and lay local service

Our range of commercial mats can help to reduce cleaning costs by trapping dirt and moisture and also prevent potential slips and trips, but our managed lift and lay servicing by our local technicians has grown in popularity with our clients.

Citron Hygiene’s local servicing benefits customers as mats are consistently clean and safe but we will further ensure mats are recycled and disposed of correctly.  We currently have 19 service centres throughout the UK, so no matter where your business is based, we can guarantee we will be located nearby to provide the eco-friendly floorcare solutions you require.

Contribute to a Greener Future with Citron Hygiene

This Earth Day, ensure your business is taking the relevant steps to go green and meet its corporate social responsibilities. Think about the simple steps you can take in your organization that can make a big impact in contributing to a more sustainable future.

Why not start with looking at the mats you currently have in your premises and look for eco-friendly alternatives?

If you are interested in finding more information out about our mats, feel free to contact us or call 08000 66 55 52.

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