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Toilets are very important and I’m sure we don’t need to go into too much detail about why that is. They are an absolute necessity in the home and in workplace washrooms. We certainly wouldn’t want to be without toilets, but sadly billions of people around the world do not have access to a toilet, which is a sanitation facility that we would consider basic in the UK.

World Toilet Day is on the 19th November. Citron Hygiene are aiming to raise awareness about global sanitation issues and also outline what we can do in the UK to help. We may all have access to toilets, but this doesn’t mean that we cannot help the global environment by becoming more aware about water usage and reducing wastage.

World Toilet Day 2018

Every year World Toilet Day organised by UN Water takes place with the aim of raising awareness about the global sanitation crisis and the need for action to improve worldwide sanitation. 62.5% of people around the world do not have access to safe sanitation and a total of 4.5 billion people live without access to a safe toilet. These statistics demonstrate the extent of the problem and why action needs to be taken to overcome it.

Water saving toilets

In the UK we take access to toilets for granted and we are very fortunate to not have the same issues that are faced by billions of people around the world, but this does not mean that there is nothing we can do to help the situation.

One of the main things we can do is take steps to save water and reduce our environmental impact. Steps have already been taken to improve the efficiency of toilets with newly built toilets having to correspond to regulations that state that only 7 litres of water can be used per flush. However, older toilets can use up to 30 litres per flush! This means that older toilets can use up to 4x more water than new toilets. That’s a big difference.

Replacing your current toilets with new models is expensive, but luckily there is a much more cost-effective solution available. The Actiflush water saving system can be fitted to traditional toilets to convert them into variable flush systems, giving users the power to decide how much water is necessary. Installing the Actiflush system in your toilets can save up to 10 litres of water every time it’s used, significantly reducing water usage and subsequently saving your business money on its water bills.

The Actiflush system can be easily implemented by our water saving operatives with minimal disruption to your business and you can see instant water usage savings. If you would like to find out more about installing the Actifliush water saving system in your washrooms, then please contact our team.

Reduce water usage from urinals

Urinals can also lead to significant water wastage. A common method to clean and combat malodours used by businesses is to constantly flush water through the urinals, but this is an ineffective cleaning method and only serves to waste a lot of water unnecessarily.

A much better solution than flushing water is to fit the Actiflow urinal system which can reduce water consumption by up to 90%. The Actiflow urinal cartridge kills odour causing bacteria and penetrates the build-up of odorous uric salts to eliminate bad smells in your washrooms, helping to create a more pleasant experience for users. It is a much more effective way to keep your urinals clean and means there is no longer a need to continuously flush water.

The Actiflow system is available for both urinal bowls and troughs, making it the perfect urinal water saving and odour controlling solution.

Reduce water usage in your business

There are a number of intelligent water management solutions that can be used to significantly reduce water usage in your business’ washrooms, which will benefit the environment and save you money. Our water saving solutions are cost-effective and are guaranteed to deliver a return on investment.

If you would like to find out more, then please contact our team who will be happy to help.

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