Is your business getting ready for winter?

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This winter 80% of dirt that is carried into commercial buildings will be ‘solely’ from the soles of shoes, resulting in higher cleaning costs and more importantly, dirty floors, which present a poor image to your visitors and staff. With worsening weather approaching, winter comes with the joys of colder, wetter and inevitable dirtier months; if you want to get your business ready for what the winter will bring, now is the time to start.

With many harmful germs and bacteria circulating, including the coronavirus, learn the best ways to keep hygiene under control this winter with recommended hygiene and facility management solutions to keep your business ahead of the game. Whether you require a standard solution to help manage your hygiene standards during the winter or require an intelligent floor care and facilities management service, getting your business prepared for winter will be the difference between maintaining excellent hygiene standards and negatively impacting the wellness of staff and visitors.


How to Get Your Business Prepared for the Colder Months

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Winter is prime time for coughs and sneezes lending opportunity to illness throughout your business. The flu virus has said to cost the UK economy 1 billion pounds in time off sick pay which can also be an issue for organisations. For this reason, prevent such occurrences from happening and invest in solutions now, whilst you can, for peace of mind.

Whether it be floorcare solutions to create a safer working environment or facilities management solutions, a professional hygiene services provider will be able to help your business create a healthier and safer workplace this Winter. Not only this, a safer environment can actually help your reduce accidents, reduce sick days and increase productivity and therefore investing in solutions can actually reduce business costs.

Effective Floorcare Solutions for a Safer Environment

There’s a reason why the largest proportion of any cleaning budget is spent on floor maintenance – this can be up to 40%. Floorcare helps maintain hygiene and safety standards by reducing the potential for bacteria spread and slips, not to mention the improved aesthetics of your overall business. Commercial mats can help by actively trapping dirt and moisture that enters the building.

From the likes of commercial entrance mats and heavy duty scraper mats that help stop bacteria right from the start, to social distancing floor mats, especially prevalent during the pandemic to encourage social distancing, effective floorcare solutions are essential to creating a safer environment for employees and visitors.

Facilities Management Support for a Smooth Winter Run

Added facilities management solutions are vitally important as we head into Winter. Businesses often lack the time and resources to keep facilities running smoothly however with effective, integrated services you can rest-assured that your staff and visitors are protected, so you can focus on running your business.

Facilities management not only encourages good hygiene and safety but also encourages good cleaning regimes through the use of products such as washroom facilities monitors, programmable to your specific needs, and first aid kits for all medical essentials. Facilities management helps you rest easy with the added support and attention your business needs.

Hygiene Solutions to Reduce the Risk of Infection

With a greater risk of staff taking sick days due to winter cold and flus, hygiene solutions can significantly reduce the rate of infection within your organisation and stop the spread of unwanted bacteria. From hand hygiene solutions to air care solutions put hygiene first this winter and exceed hygiene expectations allowing your organisation to run smoothly.

Learn how to get a head start on head colds and flu this winter in our blog with top tips on preventing illness so your business doesn’t have to take a hit.

Be Prepared with Citron Hygiene

Citron Hygiene can supply your business with professionally managed floorcare solutions that will significantly save your business costs and time and our range of facilities management services can improve overall sanitation levels within your facility. We help keep your staff and visitors safe with routine collection of dirty mats and professionally laundered replacement that suit your needs and footfall.

At Citron we know the importance of creating the right first impressions so not only do we have a full range of commercial mats but also custom logo mats which benefit from the regular lift and lay services to ensure they’re always in good shape.

Want to find out more about how our solutions can help you build a safe space in preparation for winter? Get in Touch with the experts at Citron Hygiene, today!

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