How specialist hygiene services are delivered to secure locations


Citron Hygiene is the washroom and specialist hygiene service provider of choice for many of the famous brands on the high street. Being trusted as such has resulted in Citron Hygiene being appointed by many famous landmarks, high security premises, and prestigious locations.

These locations include high-security prisons and gateways, royal palaces and landmarks etc.

While these appointments demonstrate that Citron Hygiene is a trusted hygiene and washroom provider they present unique operational challenges, which require the execution of operational excellence and a “customer-centric” service management processes.

For many of these locations, Citron Hygiene is still providing a varied range of high-quality washroom, hygiene, clinical, medical, dental, mats and floor care services, but with a slight twist.

Your typical washroom and hygiene customer does not have a direct interest in the name and enhanced background of the hygiene technician visiting their site, registration details of the vehicle they use, the time they arrive and their duration on site to name a few.  However, for many of the customers that are classified as “Secure Locations” or “Secure environments”, they have very specific requirements to ensure compliance with their security standards.

The requirements for delivering washroom and hygiene services to secure locations

Below are some examples of how Citron Hygiene works with customers to comply with their robust security standards in order to access the secure locations.

  • Vetted staff only – All of our hygiene technicians have had enhanced background checks and are fully trained. It is only these vetted and registered hygiene specialists who are able to visit the secure location.
  • Photo IDs – All staff are issued with photographic identity cards.
  • Pre-registered – To comply with security requirements, only vehicles which are pre-registered with the customer can go to the site.
  • Pre-notified – The client is notified in advance of the arrival of the vehicle.

Citron Hygiene ensures that all their hygiene technicians that are sent to secure locations are trained to deal with security related situations or premise specific regulations. For example, all staff when entering high-security locations such as prisons are stopped and searched and are trained to ensure that there are no breaches in hygiene standards while complying with security standards. Hygiene technicians are also trained to manage with rare but critical high level security situations such as lockdowns in prisons. 

The unique challenges of delivering specialist hygiene & washroom standards to secure locations

Citron Hygiene maintains a large fleet of vehicles, however because only certain vehicles are registered to access specific secure locations, it requires additional operational planning when a registered vehicle requires servicing or a vehicle is not available for the agreed visit.

There is the same challenge with Citron Hygiene’s hygiene technicians. Allocated staff are vetted and able to visit secure locations. Therefore, Citron Hygiene has to accommodate for holidays, illness, staff training or unforeseen circumstances to ensure that the client always receives the same high-quality washroom and hygiene service.

Finding out more about Citron Hygiene’s service offering to secure locations

Citron Hygiene are experts in delivering world class washroom and specialist hygiene services to secure locations and environments across the UK. If you are interested in finding out more about Citron Hygiene’s services, please contact us today

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