Helping your business be more time & cost efficient by using effective floorcare solutions.

Did you know that 70 – 80% of the dirt and debris lurking around your business is walked into your buildings from outside? This then creates a dirty environment and a poor first impression. In addition, it also:

  • Increases cleaning costs due to higher levels of dirt
  • Causes unnecessary wear and tear on the floor surface
  • Decreases the life expectancy of the floor covering therefore decreasing durability
  • Creates potential slippery and hazardous floors which may become a Health & Safety issue

Some organisations opt for a short-term fix – they buy their own mats and clean these mats themselves.  This will give positive results for a few weeks but given the fact that 1sqm of mat can accumulate 2kg of dirt in 1 week you can see how quickly they become ineffective. Consider also that vacuuming alone will remove only 10% of dirt, you quickly see why this is not a good return on investment.

Maintaining clean and safe floors with our serviced floor care solutions is not only important for health and safety purposes, but also helps to create a better managed and more cost and time efficient business. Our commercial mats protect your floors by actively trapping dirt and moisture that is walked in, reducing the potential for slips and helping you to keep your flooring in pristine condition. We professionally launder the mats on a regular basis to ensure they maintain maximum effectiveness throughout their life.

Our team of experts will advise you on the best floorcare solution for your business premises to help protect your floors, starting at the front door and continuing throughout your organisation.

Whilst caring for your environment, we also care for the wider environment. We were the first company in the UK to recycle 100% of our ‘end of life’ mats, diverting them from landfill.

We operate from a nationwide network of service centres to ensure that commercial and industrial door mats and floor care provision is delivered locally by a team who are dedicated to keeping your facilities running smoothly.

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Why Should You Use Heavy Duty Mats?

  • Citron floor-care solutions can help save you money
  • Your floor space and reception areas will always look fantastic
  • Helps to minimise risks of hazards, reduce slips, trips & falls.
  • Helps stop dirt in its tracks

Choosing Your Heavy Duty Mats

Citron Hygiene supply a range of mats, so that you can choose a service which is the most effective for your business. Many of our mats are able to be printed with your logo or other graphics.

Entrance Mats

First impressions matter and having a professional looking entrance mat can work wonders. Opting for a logo mat can have a dramatic effect. Other high footfall areas and spaces around vending machines, water coolers and photocopiers can be problematic.

We’ll supply your complete floor care range. Our specially trained team of service personnel will routinely collect these dirty mats and replace them with professionally laundered mats to suit your needs. Your mats are always totally effective and your floors are protected.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Standing for long periods in the same place, often on a hard concrete floor can have negative effects, not only for the individual standing, but for the employer. Lower back pain, muscle stiffness, poor circulation, can all lead to a downturn in productivity.

Fortunately, if you employ people in these type of roles, Citron Hygiene has the solution: Anti fatigue Mats. Made from premium durable rubber, the mat has unique cushion ergonomics to help reduce fatigue thereby improving the experience for the person standing. All our mats come as part of our lift and lay floor care solution so you can be sure they remain effective, safe and hygienic.

Anti-fatigue matting is useful for production lines, reception areas and bar areas etc. Our team can help advise every single detail of a project to help choose the best mats for your needs!

Check our anti fatigue mats, logo mats or industrial mats and commercial door mats.

Please feel free to speak to a member of our team about mats and floorcare solutions for your business. 

Find out how we can help elevate your washroom experience. Talk to us.

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