Hand to hand combat – using hand cleaners to fight germs in the workplace

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Fight Bacteria in The Workplace with Hand Sanitiser.

Bacteria is around you all the time and certain types can be harmful to your health. One of the main ways harmful germs can enter your body is via your hands. When you consider the number of different surfaces you touch in the course of a day, it is easy to recognise how essential it is that you wash your hands regularly. If you’re not washing your hands effectively and frequently then you can increase the chances of you and the people around you becoming ill.

Hand rub is a very efficient way of cleaning your hands, which makes it a popular hygiene solution in the healthcare system, allowing doctors, nurses and care staff to quickly and effectively clean their hands and kill harmful bacteria. It is also very useful in situations where it’s not possible to provide access to water and soap, ensuring there is always an effective way for people to wash their hands.

In addition, hand rub dispensers are also becoming commonplace in all types of workplaces, as companies become increasingly aware of the importance of safeguarding the wellbeing of people using their premises. Fighting germs in the workplace is key to maintaining a healthy workforce and as it is proven to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, installing hand rubs throughout a company is an ideal way to help stop the spread of germs.

How Do Hand Rubs Work?

Whether you use a hand cleaner gel or a spray, they all work in essentially the same way. When you apply hand cleaner it works to remove the outer layer of oil on the surface of your skin, taking with it most of the bacteria present on your hands. Acting as an antiseptic, the formulations dissolve the bacteria without damaging your skin. Make sure to apply a liberal amount to your hands and rub it over your hands thoroughly to ensure effective cleansing.

Hand Rub Dispenser

To ensure your business enjoys the full benefit of using hand rub, it’s vital to encourage people on your premises to clean their hands regularly. An effective way to do this is to provide stylish, design led dispensers that will complement the facilities and encourage people to use them. Sanitiser dispensers can be conveniently and prominently positioned around the premises to provide an effective hand cleaning solution on the go.

Hand rubs are an effective method of fighting germs and bacteria and improving hygiene in workplaces of all sizes. Find out more about the Citron Hygiene’s range of hand cleaner dispensers

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