Choosing the right office mats for your business


With winter fast approaching it is very important to provide the right floorcare solutions throughout your business to provide a safe environment for both staff and visitors to your premises. Wetter months mean that dirt and moisture can be brought into your building on the soles of people’s shoes, especially if appropriate commercial door mats are not in place to effectively trap dirt and moisture.

In this article we’ll be taking a look at the floorcare solutions available to your business and which mats you should be using in your building to present a caring and considerate environment for visitors to your premises and your staff.

Industrial door mats

When you consider that 50% of all reported accidents are due to slips and trips, it becomes obvious why heavy duty industrial door mats are so important. Heavy duty scraper mats are designed to cope with heavy usage and adverse weather conditions to continue to effectively trap dirt and moisture. This prevents dirt and moisture being spread around your building on the soles of people’s shoes, which can increase your cleaning costs and cause slip hazards.

Industrial mats absorb a high level of moisture and trap a large volume of dirt to help maintain a clean and most importantly safe environment. Our heavy duty scraper mat also features a rubber back to provide extra grip on slippery floors preventing the mat from moving.

Custom door mats

First impressions are very important in business, so make sure that the entrance to your building is reflecting positively on your company. Logo mats can be the perfect way to present a great impression as soon as someone enters your building. They can be used to display an image, your brand logo or even a written message. They can also be used to showcase safety messages in high risk areas.

As well as showcasing your business, our innovative custom door mats also provide an effective floorcare solution. They are designed to trap dirt and moisture, and our lift and lay floor mats service will ensure that your mats always look their best.

Anti fatigue mats

Do your employees spend a lot of their day standing up on hard floors? Standing for extended periods of time uses 20% more energy than sitting down and can lead to a number of health problems including aches and pains. If your staff spend the majority of their time working on their feet, then it is worth investing in providing anti fatigue mats that can increase employee welfare.

Anti fatigue matting features rubber cushioning technology that helps the person standing to constantly make small movements and change position, helping to maintain blood flow throughout the body reducing the amount of energy the heart needs to pump blood around the body, which subsequently reduces fatigue. This can help to increase productivity amongst your workforce. In addition, our anti fatigue mats provide an additional safety feature, as the rubber surface helps to reduce slips, making them ideal for areas where spillages may occur such as kitchens.

Mats matter

On average 40% of a business’ cleaning budget is spent on floor maintenance, so it is worth investing in the right floorcare solutions, as it could save your company money, time and improve the wellbeing of your staff. It is important to consider what mats you should be using for your business and the benefits that they can have.

If you would like to find out more about our mats and floorcare solutions, then please contact our team and make sure your company is providing effective floorcare solutions to your visitors and your staff.

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