5 Myths About Floor Care

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Citron Hygiene knows what impact spotless floors make for a truly professional and welcoming first impression. After all, from our 7 service centres across the UK we get to see inside a lot of businesses!

Whilst it’s true that mats are a great way to stop dirt being carried into and around your premises, not all mats are equal when it comes to protecting your floors and saving you valuable time and money on floor care. Because we are passionate about all things hygiene, we don’t like to see any business throwing away money on floor maintenance (or any other hygiene service for that matter) but here are some popular myths about floorcare that could ultimately be costing you money…

Myth 1: A Vacuum Cleaner is all You Need to Clean a Mat

It’s understandable to think why this might be the case, especially as we all usually vacuum at home but in the workplace, a quick blast with the vacuum cleaner isn’t enough. Vacuuming tends to miss the ingrained grit and dirt that becomes embedded deep into the mat so; whilst it looks ‘clean’ on the surface it’s actually still pretty grubby. In fact, just 10% of dirt is removed by vacuuming alone so the result is that people will still carry dirt, grit and germs into and around your building.

Myth 2: An Entrance Mat Is Sufficient

80% of dirt is carried into your building on the soles of shoes, which is why entrance mats are so important.  But protecting your floors throughout your premises is also very important, especially in high footfall areas such as near vending machines, printers and water coolers.  In addition, mats are now increasingly sophisticated and can support specific functions. Anti-fatigue mats, for example, can make a massive difference to the comfort and well-being of staff who spend lots of time standing up.

Myth 3:  It’s Cheaper To Buy Mats From Cash and Carry

Today, there is a vast choice of mats available to buy off-the-shelf and they can be temptingly low in cost.  The purchase cost is only the beginning- you’ll also have to factor in getting it regularly cleaned, as well as checking for any damage that could potentially be a trip hazard, such as curling edges. This is why it is so important to choose the right mats for your type of floors, such as smooth rubber-backed mats designed specifically for non-carpeted areas. Increasingly, many businesses now opt for lift and lay services. It takes away all the worry and maintenance costs, leaving you with a spotlessly clean, safe mat on every exchange.

Myth 4: My Cleaning Budget Isn’t Really Affected By Mats

Mats have to be maintained if they are to be effective and this is a cost some businesses don’t fully appreciate.  Ineffective mats will not stop dirt from being carried around your building and the extra wear and tear on your floors will take its toll. Cleaning dirty floors takes longer and may even require specialist cleaning solutions to remove certain stains and marks.

Myth 5:  Mats Are Limited in Colour and Design

Mats have the potential to do a lot more than protect your floors. In fact, many businesses now use image mats to help make a striking first impression or to help map out different zones or functions in their premises.  Gone are the days of dull, grey or black mats: these days you can create colourful designs that enhance your business and complement your branding.  We offer a free artwork service to take your design and apply it to a mat, and up to 120 high definition colour options to help create the perfect mat to showcase your branding and logo.

We believe mats should do the hard work for you and, when properly maintained, they really can save your floors from unnecessary dirt and damage. If you want to know more about how our extensive range of mats and our lift-and-lay service will benefit your business, why not speak to our customer services team?

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