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Hand Hygiene

Global Handwashing Day 2020

The Global Handwashing Partnership work to promote the importance of handwashing with soap and water as it’s a pillar of international development and public health. Taking place annually on the 15th... Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Coronavirus & How to Prevent

The Coronavirus outbreak has filled our television screens and been the topic of conversation all around the world for the past month or so. With increasingly more outbreaks happening globally, it is... Read more

Impact of Poor Hand Hygiene on the spread of E-Coli

It’s quite shocking to believe that poor toilet hygiene actually spreads more E-coli than not washing your hands after handling raw meat but a recent study conducted by the Lancet Infectious... Read more

Combat germs with hand sanitiser spray

Promoting hand hygiene in the workplace is very important to minimise the spread of germs. Germs can easily be carried on the hands and transferred to other surfaces such as door handles and office... Read more

Hand hygiene to prevent pneumonia in the workplace

The workplace can be one of the worst places for germs to be spread if hygiene standards are not maintained. This can lead to increased risk of infections, which can result in staff having to take... Read more

Handling Food and The Importance of Handwashing

Every one of us handles food on a daily basis. Hands are the primary carrier of disease-causing germs, meaning that effective handwashing is vitally important to remove potentially harmful germs and... Read more

Why You Should Implement the Deb 3 Step Hand Care System in your Business

  It is very important for businesses to provide effective hand care solutions for employees that help to maintain hygiene standards and provide a caring environment for staff. In a number of... Read more

Why You Should Wash Your Hands After Touching Animals

There are around 150 diseases that can be transferred from animals to humans. These are called Zoonotic diseases, which refers to any infectious disease that animals can spread to humans. These... Read more

The Importance of Hand Hygiene in Care Homes

Handwashing is one of the most effective ways of removing harmful germs from your hands. Unfortunately, the importance of hand hygiene is not always understood and can be often overlooked. A recent... Read more

Handling Hand Hygiene - World Hand Hygiene Day 2018

  World Hand Hygiene Day is an annual event which aims to raise awareness about the importance of proper handwashing to prevent the spread of illness and infections. The day takes place on the... Read more