The Benefits of a Touchless Washroom Experience

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Since COVID-19, hygiene expectations have skyrocketed, and customers and employees now expect businesses to maintain rigorous cleanliness and hygiene standards. Providing a touchless washroom experience in your business offers numerous benefits. Eliminating the need for physical contact with fixtures and surfaces minimises the spread of germs and reduces the risk of infection. Touchless washroom products provide a convenient and hygienic solution for a cleaner and healthier washroom environment for your washroom users.

Risks of high-touch washrooms

Before we explore the benefits of a touchless washroom experience, let’s delve into the risks associated with high-touch washrooms.

We spend the equivalent of 11 days each year in washrooms. But high-touch surfaces, such as taps, hand dryers and door handles, can harbour thousands of bacteria and viruses. In fact, a washroom sink can harbour 250,000% more bacteria than a toilet seat. Furthermore, studies have also shown that many people either don’t wash their hands properly or don’t wash their hands at all. Researchers at the University of Birmingham discovered that at least 25% of Brits don’t wash their hands after using the toilet. When you touch these surfaces and fixtures in a washroom, you unknowingly pick up these pathogens, which you could pass on to others, continuing the cycle of infection.

How do touch-free products work?

Touch-free products use motion sensors and advanced technology to detect the presence of a user and trigger their specific function. These sensors are typically integrated into the devices or fixtures, allowing hands-free operation and thus eliminating the need for physical contact. Touch-free products primarily use infrared sensors or proximity senses. Infrared sensors detect the heat of a person’s body, while proximity sensors change the proximity of a person enabling precise and responsive activation. When a person approaches a touch-free product, such as a touchless soap dispenser, tap or hand dryer, the motion sensor detects them and releases precise amounts of soap, water or air.

What are the advantages of a touch-free washroom?

A touch-free washroom offers several advantages for both businesses and end users, for example:

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Benefits to businesses:

  • Enhanced hygiene standards: A touch-free washroom minimises the risk of cross-contamination by eliminating the need for people to touch surfaces and fixtures. This reduces the spread of germs and creates a cleaner and safer environment. Maintaining high hygiene standards enhances your business’ reputation and reassures customers and employees about their health and safety.
  • Cost savings: Touch-free washrooms can create cost savings for businesses. With touchless washroom fixtures, there is less wear and tear, reducing maintenance and repair expenses. Touch-free systems also deliver precise amounts of water, soap, and paper towels, minimising waste, and lowering costs.
  • Sustainability and environmental responsibility: Touch-free washrooms help businesses align with their sustainability goals by helping conserve resources and promote a more eco-friendly image.

Benefits to end-users:

  • Improved hygiene and safety: Touch-free washrooms offer a higher level of hygiene, avoiding the need for people to touch surfaces potentially contaminated with germs. This creates a safer and more hygienic user experience.
  • Convenience and user-friendly experience: Touch-free washroom fixtures are convenient and convenient, saving time and effort.
  • Enhanced perception of cleanliness: By offering touchless solutions, businesses showcase their dedication to providing a clean and hygienic space, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increased accessibility: Automatic dryers, taps, and other washroom fixtures can be used by children and are more accessible to people with both learning and physical disabilities.
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What features of your washroom could be hands-free?

Many washroom features can be made hands-free to promote greater convenience and hygiene. Here are some examples of touchless washroom products:


Touchless taps allow users to activate the water flow without having to physically touch the taps. These taps have motion sensors that detect the presence of hands and automatically initiate the water flow. Once the hands are removed, the sensor automatically stops the water flow.

Soap dispensers

Touchless soap motion sensor dispensers are an efficient and hygienic way to dispense soap. When users put their hands underneath, hands-free soap dispensers use motion sensors to release a precise amount of soap.

Hand dryers

Sensor-activated hand dryers are an efficient alternative to traditional paper towel dispensers. Hand dryers can be made touchless or hands-free using advanced motion sensors. Users can put their hands underneath or within the dryer, and the sensor automatically activates airflow when hands are detected.

Flush systems

Even toilet flush systems can be hands-free. Sensor-activated flush mechanisms allow users to flush the toilet without touching the button. Some touchless flush systems are designed to recognise the required flush (whether half or full) depending on the user’s hand movements.

Sanitary bins

A foot pedal or sensor technology can transform sanitary bins into touchless or hands-free solutions. A foot pedal lets users open the bid by stepping on the pedal. Alternatively, sensor technology can detect the presence of the user’s hand, triggering the bin lid to open.

Touchless doors

In high-traffic areas, touchless door solutions, such as touchless door handles and automatic doors, allow for touch-free entry and exit. Touchless door handles use sensors to detect body or hand movement to open the door. Meanwhile, automatic doors use motion sensors to open when someone approaches.

Light switches

Washroom lightswitches can be made touchless for increased convenience, energy efficiency and improved hygiene. Touch-free light switches detect the presence or movement of a person within the washroom. When someone enters, the sensor automatically triggers the lights to turn on or off when the washroom is unoccupied.

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