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What is a HEPA Filter?

Are you a Facility Manager looking at the most effective way to keep your premises safe and hygienic? Let's talk about HEPA filters and why HEPA filters should be on your agenda when choosing hygiene... Read more

Why your toilets may smell and how to prevent it

The smell of your company washrooms says a lot about your organisation, to staff, visitors and customers alike. A fresh, pleasant toilet environment and good air quality not only enhances the user... Read more

Now you can capture the power of scent

What Can Fragrance Do For Your Business? Is fragrance more powerful than words? Studies show that scent creates and maintains one of the strongest relationships with our emotions. By using the power... Read more

The Scent of Brand Loyalty

In a world where brands battle it out for consumer loyalty, scents and aromas are being used to entice consumers to linger a little longer in their favorite store, restaurant or hotel.In a survey by... Read more