Order your paper from Citron Hygiene

Don't get caught short.

You know the feeling when you are low on paper - it's not good. Fortunately, you can order all your paper and other hygiene consumables directly from Citron Hygiene. With our pro-active approach to servicing our customers, you can be sure that you will receive a delivery of high quality paper from us at the right time to ensure you never run out of paper again.

All our paper is the finest quality TORK branded paper and our prices are guaranteed to delight.

Why not give us a call now on 08000 66 55 52. You may even be entitled to a range of free toilet roll dispensers as well!

Full Details

Never run out of the essentials again.  You can order the following with ease from Citron Hygiene:

  • A range of toilet paper at wholesale prices to suit most paper dispensers
  • Kitchen paper and paper towels
  • All paper dispensers can be ordered
  • Sanitary bags and dispensers to dispose of feminine hygiene waste properly

Our friendly advisors will help you manage stocks and ensure you never run out of the essentials again!

Call us now on: 08000 66 55 52