What makes up Citron Hygiene’s excellent NPS?

Citron Hygiene’s Net Promoter Score of 80

Citron Hygiene’s current Net Promoter Score of 80 is one of the best in the hygiene services industry and we’re certainly very proud of that! In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what makes up our excellent NPS value and how we support our customers.

What is a Net Promoter Value (NPS)? 

Net Promoter Score or NPS, is a nationally recognised method of evaluating customer satisfaction displayed as a number. It is used by all leading organisations across a number of different industry sectors and is calculated as the difference between the percentage of the company’s Promoters and their Detractors. The score is then expressed as an absolute number between -100 and +100. 

What contributes to our NPS value of 80? 

There are a number of different vital areas of our business that contribute to delivering exceptional customer service that make up our excellent NPS value. 

Servicing and installation

All our servicing is carried out by our highly trained Hygiene Technicians, who go through an extensive training programme to ensure that we employ Hygiene Technicians and not just ‘drivers’. This ensures our staff are capable of providing expert hygiene services and are able to deliver an exceptional level of service to our customers. 

National service provider with local support

We’re never far away from your business. Our 19 Services Centres are spread across the UK providing a highly localised and professional hygiene service backed by a fleet of over 400 vehicles.  

We’re also committed to thinking and acting locally, choosing to recruit people living in the area who have an in-depth knowledge of the community and surroundings. Staff are then provided with comprehensive training, so they have the skillset to deliver high quality hygiene services to benefit local businesses. 


We are constantly investing in innovative technology to improve our hygiene services for our customers. Most recently we have introduced a Smart Water Meter that records water usage patterns and gives real time water usage data displayed in a web report. The meter works out where water is being used across your business, so that you can take the necessary steps to improve efficiency and save money. 

Range of products 

Our diverse product range means we are able to provide the right solution for your business across three core services: hygiene, waste and floorcare. From hand dryers to urinal screens, clinical waste bins to sanitary bag dispensers, floor mats, our extensive range of products ensure that we can provide your business with the solution it needs to provide a caring and considerate environment for both staff and visitors to your premises. 

Head office support 

All our service centres are backed by our head office based in Morecambe, to ensure you receive excellent customer service and have a central point of contact. 

Also located in Morecambe is our 20,000 ft2 central warehouse housing our products, meaning they can be distributed from this point around the UK to wherever they are needed. Backed by a sophisticated logistics network, we can guarantee that your business will receive effective support. 

Environmental credentials  

Our range of washroom efficiency services are designed to help you save both resources and money. We’re committed to reducing Citron Hygiene’s, and our customers, environmental impact through the WWE project, which focuses on the key areas of Waste, Water and Energy. 

We have already taken significant steps to reducing our environmental impact. All our standard mats are produced by our manufacturing partner and are made using ECONYL-6 yarn, which is produced using discarded fishing nets reclaimed from the sea. 

Added to this one of our main aims is to eliminate landfill waste. For this reason we have worked hard to ensure that all our anti fatigue mats are 100% recyclable at the end of their life, which has so far diverted over 12 tonnes of mats away from landfill. 

Advanced vehicle tracking and route planning for our 400 strong fleet of vehicles reduces our carbon footprint by keep the distance travelled to a minimum. 

Choose Citron Hygiene as your hygiene solutions provider 

Good hygiene can benefit your business. The right hygiene solutions can protect your staff, your customers and the environment. Without implementing the right hygiene solutions your brand and business could suffer. 

Finding the right hygiene partner for your business isn’t always easy. You need a supplier that can deliver on their promise, add value and tailor their services to suit your specific needs and requirements, whilst constantly striving to improve and innovate. 

Citron Hygiene’s Net Promoter Score reflects that we do just that. Our aim is to seamlessly support you whilst causing minimal disruption to your business operations. That’s why customers choose Citron Hygiene and why they choose to stay. 

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