What Makes The Citron Hand Dryer Eco for Commercial Washrooms?


In areas where there is a high throughput of people to a single washroom, the hand dryers need to be fast, energy efficient and durable. Citron Hygiene offers pioneering ‘hands under’ automatic Hand Dryers that dry hands fast, keep energy consumption to a minimum and are robust enough to cope with heavy usage.

This is because we understand you have specific preferences when it comes to hand dryers and that when using commercial washrooms you expect the same level of cleanliness and efficiency that is in your own home. Along with the all important business cost savings this is why the environmentally eco hand dryer is now so important.

Eco Hand Dryers Built for Commercial Washrooms

Citron Hygiene’s hand dryers are leaders in the market. Compared to the older traditional hand dryers, our new dryers have been built with energy saving in mind using the latest technology. The recent major advances in hand dryer technology place much more emphasis on high velocity air-flow rather than lots of energy needed to heat the air. This minimises hand drying time and lowers energy consumption significantly. The combination of these benefits reduces the running costs so significantly that in most normal circumstances the hand dryers will show a return on investment very quickly.

Environmental Savings in Hand with Cost Savings

Previously hand dryers were expensive to run with very slow hand drying times so consequently paper towels were the preferred option. But with the increased cost of paper towels plus the cost of replacement, and the fact they can not be recycled, the Pebble hand dryer not only gives an overall cost saving but also reduces carbon footprint and the impact on landfill.

Citron Hygiene offer national coverage on the supply and service of commercial hand dryers no matter how big or small. The dryers compliment any washroom, meeting high traffic volume environments with ease, speed and efficiency. With one of our expert Citron Hygiene staff to complete a site survey to guide you through the dryer options, we can ensure you get the solution right for you.

Contact Citron Hygiene today to see how our Hand Dryers can save you money and reduce your business carbon footprint.

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