What is in your Sanitary Bin?

Menstrual disposal unit

Sanitary Bins can be breeding grounds for potentially deadly bacteria, as well as harbouring viruses such as HiV, Hepatitis B & C. In a washroom environment minimising cross contamination is a high priority for many people. It is no longer a case of just having an odour control, you need to be sure it combats germs effectively.

Hygienic Sanitary Bins

All Citron Hygiene FHUs contain an e-card, a unique germicide which has been proven ‘in actual use’ conditions to kill 99.999% of harmful germs. Anything less than this level of control means users are potentially exposed to infectious bacteria.

A single gram of waste can contain around 1 billion bacteria and contact with just a tiny quantity of untreated waste can lead to skin or gastro-intestinal infection. Micro-organisms such as Staph Aureus, E Coli, Salmonella and Candida can be present. Whilst it is lethal on germs it is kind to the environment because it is created from plants. It is recognised as safe for human contact and contains materials which readily degrade in the environment causing no long-term harm to either land or marine life.

Next time you see a sanitary unit look for the Activap™ logo. It means that minimising cross contamination is a priority.

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