The Rentable Office – Savvy Ways To Save Money

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The demand for rentable commercial properties is on the increase as the UK continues its recovery from the economic downturn. But it’s not just office space that’s available for rent; everything from laptops and computers to photocopiers and paper shredders all now come with leasing options to suit a wide variety of businesses and budgets.

Providing hygienic work facilities

As well as needing essential business equipment, every business is also duty bound to keep their premises safe and clean and to provide hygienic washroom facilities. The cost of maintaining and cleaning reception areas, office space and washrooms can quickly add up, but there are flexible, rentable solutions on offer that could save you money in the long-term.

Not convinced?  Take doormats, for example. Durable, safe entrance mats are the best way to prevent dirt being trampled into your building (80% of dirt is carried in on shoes). However, people mistakenly believe that simply vacuuming mats are enough to keep them looking good and working well, but this isn’t the case; just 10% of dirt is removed by vacuuming.

It’s actually more cost-effective to use a lift and lay service and have the mats professionally laundered and returned. Floors are better protected, which means less maintenance and cleaning bills, and your business benefits from immaculate, professional-looking mats that create a fantastic impression.

Keeping your washrooms pristine and hygienic is obviously an important business priority, but keeping costs down is a constant challenge, especially as energy prices continue to creep up. It is worth investigating the new era of intelligent water and energy saving solutions that help keep washroom maintenance to a minimum, such as flush systems that use less water or super-fast hand dryers that are also energy efficient.

Why not contact Citron Hygiene today and see how much you could save? You might be pleasantly surprised at the savings you can make with just a few simple changes to your hygiene services.

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