The perfect breeding ground for infectious bacteria and germs.


Sanitary and Nappy Waste Services in Nurseries

Waste from Sanitary Bins and nappy bins are the perfect breeding ground for infectious bacteria and germs. Nurseries have a duty of care to provide a hygienic and safe means of disposing of this unpleasant waste so that staff and babies are fully protected.

Disposing of disposable nappies

When you think that the average new-born baby uses between 6 and 12 nappies a day – which in turn accumulates to a massive 4,000 nappies before average potty-training age* – you can see why the storage and disposal of nappy waste is such an important issue for nurseries.  And with the vast majority of nursery and childcare employees being women, providing an effective feminine hygiene service is also high up on the hygiene agenda.

Containing the risk

Sanitary waste by nature, can pose health threats because it’s not only the waste itself that carries an infection risk but any surface that the waste has been in contact with. That means the infectious organisms associated with sanitary waste, such as Neisseria Gonorrhea (which causes gonorrhoea) or Albicans Candida (which causes thrush) must be properly controlled with intelligent and hygienic waste disposal units.

Advanced Vapour Action

Spray germicides only treat the surfaces of the disposal unit and not the waste collected, unless it comes into direct contact with the surfaces. It therefore isn’t enough to just treat nappy or sanitary unit surfaces with germicidal sprays.

Citron Hygiene, however, offers the leading vapour action treatment for its nappy and sanitary units. All units are ‘charged’ with our unique E-card germicide so that when waste enters the unit, the E-card vapours penetrate around, between and through the waste, killing bacteria and controlling odours. This ensures that all waste in the unit is treated, and the bacteria levels are reduced to below safe levels.

Nappy Bins for Nurseries

Our nappy bins are designed with hygiene in mind. As claims go, killing 99.999% of hazardous bacteria is one that Citron Hygiene is very proud of.  Independent tests carried out in real conditions (i.e., in actual units containing real hygiene waste over the service period, not just in test-tubes) confirm just how effective our E-card germicide is.

What better way to assure nursery staff and parents that their babies and toddlers are in the safest hygienic hands possible?

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