The Battle of Bacteria in Men’s Urinals: Actiflow vs Bleach

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At Citron Hygiene, we know workplace toilets can be something people would rather avoid, so how can you make sure your male washrooms represent the highest standards of urinal care?

Urinal Damage Caused By Urinal Blocks and Bleach

Unfortunately, many companies assume that their urinals can be kept clean and hygienic by using urinal blocks to mask the smell and by pouring bleach directly into the drain to try and kill the germs. It might seem like an easy and cheap way to manage your urinals but did you realise you might actually be doing more harm than good – and even wasting money?

Good vs Bad Bacteria

You’ve probably heard about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria.  If the urinal drain allows free airflow, good bacteria are needed to help break down and eliminate the bad bacteria contained in the uric salts which cause the unpleasant odours in urinals. Pouring bleach down the drains destroys both the bad and the good bacteria and the result is a lingering malodour that no amount of bleach can eliminate.

Wasted Water and Money

Many companies also end up wasting money by continuously flushing water through urinals to try and reduce the smell.  These businesses also risk damage to the urinal pipework due to the build up of uric salts, which can eventually cause blockages. However, there is a much better, safe and environmentally friendly solution – Actiflow.

Save Up to 90% of Water with Actiflow

Actiflow is a unique urinal and water management system that not only saves water but also ensures that urinals remain clean and hygienic. Inside the Actiflow cartridge are millions of friendly bacteria that kill the bad bacteria by penetrating the uric salts to make them soluble and therefore much safer for the pipework. The Actiflow cartridge also has a unique hatching pod odour lock to prevent bad odours rising up from the drains. Installing Actiflow allows you to greatly reduce the number of cistern flushes and therefore save up to 90% on water bills.

If you’re worried about unsightly stains caused by hard water and mineral deposits, our auto sanitiser for urinals is a highly effective solution that cleans and kills bacteria with every flush and providing lasting protection between flushes.

Why not talk contact us to find out more about our urinal hygiene products and find out more about how you can keep your male washrooms at their healthy best?

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