Tackling Period Poverty in England with FREE Sanitary Products UK

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In 2018 and 2019, Scotland invested £4 million for an initiative that saw free sanitary products rolled out in schools, colleges and other public buildings[1]. This initiative was brought into place to tackle the very real problem of period poverty in the UK.

England have since took note of the campaign in Scotland and made a huge step in the right direction to support the fight against period poverty. The scheme that has been funded by the government and started in September 2019, it allows free feminine hygiene products to be available in secondary schools and colleges across the country[2].

What is period poverty?

In short, period poverty is a lack of access to products such as sanitary pads and tampons due to a lack of income. This leads to females going to extreme measures to manage their periods such as using old rags, newspapers and socks.

Some shocking statistics from research by Plan International reveal that one in 10 girls in the UK have been unable to afford sanitary wear whilst a further 15% have struggled to afford sanitary products at some point in their life[3]. It’s not just as simple as finding funds for sanitary products either. As females grow up, periods can be particularly painful which can interrupt school attendance, performance and lead to a need for medication which incurs extra costs. All things accounted for, on average females can spend close to £500 a year on periods. [4]

As shown, this highlights serious challenges and issues some females face when managing their periods. However, all females should have equal access to sanitary products so they can manage menstruation with dignity, no matter of their financial background.

FREE Vend in England

Citron Hygiene is supporting the government scheme and helping to end period poverty in England by offering a solution to enable free vend of sanitary products in our washroom female vending machines.

Citron Hygiene are well placed to support this initiative as we brought the first feminine hygiene service to the market over 60 years ago. A long history in providing feminine hygiene services means we understand the importance of providing facilities for females to manage their periods safely, hygienically and with respect.

Citron Hygiene Aunt Flow Free Menstrual Product Dispenser Vendor

Support period dignity in your washroom

Provide free menstrual products to your staff & customers

Help us tackle period poverty

Enable females to go about their daily lives with confidence and without any interruption or disruption by offering free sanitary products to those females who need it most.

Contact our friendly hygiene experts on 08000 66 55 52 to place your order or for more information on our female vend solutions.

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