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The way your business monitors and manages water usage can have an impact on your costs. All businesses use water, but not every business uses it efficiently. Water management matters, but it can be difficult to identify where water is being wasted and therefore what needs to be done to reduce water usage and save money on your water bills.

Intelligent water management solutions from Citron Hygiene can help your business identify exactly where water is being used in your washrooms and therefore where it can be saved.

Save water, save money

There are a number of reasons why water could be being used inefficiently in your washrooms. There could be unidentified leaks, poorly planned water systems and faults that have gone unnoticed. Any of these issues can contribute to increased water usage, higher water bills and a negative experience for your washroom users. However, it is very difficult to identify any problems, making it twice as hard to choose the right course of action.

The Intelligent Water Management system from Citron Hygiene provides the perfect solution to this problem. The water saving system offers a complete solution, from analysis of your business’ water usage to detailed recommendations on how your business can implement advanced water saving solutions. Using Citron Hygiene’s Intelligent Water Management system can reduce your water costs by as much as 90%.

Improve your washroom experience

A washroom can reflect positively or negatively on a business. It is important to make sure that it is setting the right impression to both staff and visitors to your premises. For this reason, it is worthwhile to invest in your washroom facilities, and this includes making sure that water is being managed intelligently.

Every business has a social responsibility to reduce their environmental impact and the washroom is an area of any business where significant improvements can be made. Make sure your washroom is reflecting positively on your business by taking water management and drainage seriously.

Innovative water saving solutions

Citron Hygiene provide a range of water saving products and solutions, that can help to save water and reduce your businesses costs.

Smart Water Meter

Develop a complete understanding of how your business uses water with the Smart Meter intelligent water monitor. Analyse how water is being used with access to real-time data, so your business can take the necessary steps to save water and reduce wastage.

Smart Water Meters can be easily fitted to water supplies feeding urinals, toilets and taps. The system can send alerts to key personnel when there has been an unusual increase in water usage, which could indicate a leak, meaning that your maintenance teams can act quickly. Installing the system is quick and simple, meaning minimum disruption to your business operation.

Actiflow Cartridge

For many businesses’ urinals can be one of the greatest sources of water wastage. A cleaning solution often used is to continuously flush water through urinals, however this is not an effective cleaning solution and in fact only leads to increased water wastage and malodours.

The Actiflow Cartridge uses friendly bacteria to neutralise malodours and dissolve the build-up of uric salts in urinal waste pipes. This reduces the need for frequent flushing and therefore reduces water usage.

Actiflush Button

Modern toilets have to abide by regulations meaning that only 7 litres of water can be used per flush. Older toilets, that were not subject to these rules, can use up to 30 litres per flush. Over 4x the water usage limit in force today!

Replacing all your toilets with modern alternatives can be very costly, but luckily there is a cheap, more cost-effective way of saving water in your toilets. The Actiflush button is a simple, push-button device that converts a standard toilet flush cistern into a variable flush cistern. This means that the user can choose how much water is needed, which can reduce water usage by up to 10 litres every time the toilet is flushed.

Tap Aeration

Taps can be one of the worst water wastage cases. Your washrooms are probably already fitted with push-taps or sensor taps to restrict water flow, but the amount of water coming out from the tap during use can still be addressed.

Flow regular adapters on washroom taps introduce air into the water stream, which can reduce water usage by an impressive 50%. Tar aerators only affect the volume of water coming out the tap and not the pressure, meaning that users will notice little difference and will still be able to wash their hands effectively.

Drain inspections

Drains can become blocked and this can lead to inefficient waste of water through flooding and a poor user experience due to malodours. Our service team can carry out a full inspection of your drains, produce a detailed report and highlight any fixes that could improve your drainage system.

Manage water usage in your business

There are a number of intelligent water management solutions that can be used to significantly reduce water usage in your business’ washrooms, which will benefit the environment and save you money. Our intelligent water management solutions are cost-effective and are guaranteed to deliver a return on investment.

If you would like to find out more, then please contact our team who will be happy to help.

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