Public Toilet Complaints to Avoid in 2022

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The last thing you want to hear about your business are complaints regarding your public toilets. Everyone’s entitled to good hygiene and that is the bare minimum you should provide to your customers.

A bad experience with your business, whether it’s in or outside the toilets can result in a significantly reduced chance that a customer will return. A lost customer will hurt your revenue and even worse, negative word of mouth may drive other potential customers away from your business. In fact, other studies have found that 50% of people who enter a dirty washroom are likely to discuss it with friends or family. 

Although the toilet is probably the smallest room in your facility, it is often the source of the majority of complaints from customers in addition to having a negative impact on employee retention.  How your customers and employees perceive the washroom can change their perceptions about your facility and brand overall. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the common complaints people have about commercial washrooms and look at how you can avoid these to create a more positive experience.

Common Complaints about Commercial Washrooms

Recent research conducted by Citron Hygiene and OnePoll highlights people’s attitudes to public toilets. The survey responses reveal what could turn people away. Fortunately, most of the highlighted issues are easily avoidable, so let’s explore some of them.

Poor Cleanliness

This can refer to the cleanliness of the walls, floor, and any specific appliances within the washroom. Did you know that an astounding three quarters of Londoners buy a coffee just to use a café toilet instead of using a public one? In addition, nearly 50% of survey respondents from Manchester claimed toilets are not up to scratch in their city, while across the UK 1 in 3 people aren’t happy with the state of public washrooms. This is no doubt in part to a lack of cleanliness and sufficient toiletry supplies.

This issue can be avoided by sweeping and mopping the floor regularly as well as providing paperless hand drying options and appropriate sanitary bins for menstrual waste disposal.

Unflushed Toilets

Flushing toilets is an essential part of hygiene as leaving it unflushed can lead to a build-up of bacteria and bad smells, instantly deterring someone from using your facilities. 69% of Mancunians surveyed say they have encountered an unflushed loo when using a public washroom.

It’s important that only the right waste is flushed away too. Certain products such as menstrual waste or nappies should not be disposed of down the toilet so it’s important to provide sanitary bins and nappy disposal units to promote safe and effective waste management.  Not only will this improve hygiene within your commercial washroom, but it will prevent blockages within your drains that can potentially lead to big plumbing costs.

Lack of Washroom Supplies

Providing toilet rolls and soap should be a given in any commercial washroom and the lack of these can significantly affect someone’s experience within your business. However, it happens more than you think. In Manchester, 55% of survey participants reported a lack of toilet paper.

Making sure your dispensers are stocked up regularly to meet demand should be enough to prevent supplies from running out. Keeping toilet paper housed in paper dispensers can prevent cross-contamination too, and a professional supplier such as Citron Hygiene can fit and stock your dispensers regularly.

Bad smells

Bad smells can be caused by the issues previously mentioned, like unflushed toilets or dirty walls/floors/appliances. It can also be caused by the build-up of bad bacteria within urinals or toilet bowls which many businesses tend to try and get rid of using water and bleach. This can often lead to heightened bad odours from uric salts.

Making sure surfaces are sprayed and well cleaned, as well as ensuring toilets are flushed are good ways to avoid these smells. In male washrooms, using an effective urinal cleaner can also prevent malodours. Consider investing in air care solutions to present the right impression to your staff and customers too.

Broken fixtures

After your customers have used the toilet, they’ll be looking to wash and dry their hands. If for any reason the taps or hand dryers aren’t functioning correctly, this can cause frustration, not to mention it’s unhygienic as wet hands can spread germs more easily.

Ensuring your fixtures are working effectively is a key factor in providing the best possible washroom experience and avoid any potential complaints.

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