Proud to support The Animal Trust

vet using a stethoscope on a cat

Since 2012 the Trust has ensured that all profits are re-invested into services to benefit their four legged patients and their owners. They now operate from 5 sites providing care for thousands of loved pets.

Citron Hygiene are therefore proud to be able to support the Trust, a support that has gone above just providing units. We have conducted training sessions to advise their team on the correct waste segregation because correct use of the different waste streams is the ideal way to keep costs down. By ensuring only the items necessary are disposed of in the more expensive services and not filling those units with items that can be disposed of via lower cost methods, important savings can be made.

Account manager Lynn Devine has worked closely with the Trust to provide advice and guidance. “It is a pleasure to work with Steve and the team. The vision of the Trust is inspiring, so too is watching them grow and open more branches in order to reach a wider audience.”

Steven Robson, director of operations at the trust, adds: “The high quality of service provision was our main reason for choosing and working with Citron.  Lynn and the team are quick to respond to all of our day to day requirements which is just what you need from a hygiene partner.

“We have big plans to grow and reach out to wider communities in need of our services and we need to work with suppliers we can trust and rely on to help us achieve this goal.

“I would rate all of Citron’s services from product range, customer service and value for money as outstanding and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to other companies.”

Here at Citron Hygiene we look forward to working with the Trust in the future, supporting their planned growth and helping our furry friends along the way.

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