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What Can Fragrance Do For Your Business?

Is fragrance more powerful than words? Studies show that scent creates and maintains one of the strongest relationships with our emotions. By using the power of scent in this way, you are able to engage your clients with your brand on a much higher level. The latest scent technology is now available and affordable to all.

We know that scents trigger emotions, associations, and images. They are linked to memory and powerfully affect us on an emotional level. It’s no secret that major international brands also use scents and perfumes too, because they know that they:

  • Enhance their brand experience
  • Create emotional connections to the brand
  • Heighten the pleasing and arousing nature of the environment
  • Encourage customers to linger longer

By utilising the power of scent you can engage with your clients on a much higher level. The CitronScent W500 creates your own unique environment and engages customers’ memories and emotions. You can choose from a choice of 8 specially blended fine fragrances to create your perfect environment, including:

  • Green Tea and Verbena – Fresh, citrusy and floral
  • Lime Blossom – Citrusy, spicy and floral
  • Lemon Tea and Jasmine – Citrusy, aromatic and floral with a hint of Jasmine
  • White Orchid – Citrusy, Woody and floral
  • Soothing Forest – Woody and floral
  • Spring Flowers –  Fresh green and floral
  • Water Lilly – Floral and musky
  • Wild Fig – Green and fruity with a hint of Jasmine

We also offer custom designed signature corporate scents for those organisations who want something a little different or know what particular scent they want to replicate.

So How Does The CitronScent W500 Work?

At the centre of it all is diffusion technology known as dry mist diffusion (or micro-nebulisation). Our special patented nozzles convert the fragrance liquid into a fine mist of particles that behave like a gas. These lightweight micro particles are suspended in the air and then transported by natural airflow.

The W500 is fully programmable allowing you to dose the perfect amount of fragrance based on size of space, operational days and opening hours. The CitronScent W500 is quick and easy to install by our trained engineers and is regularly serviced by Citron Hygiene to always ensure optimum effectiveness. The W500 covers up to 800m3 so it is well suited to provide coverage for large buildings and establishments. Units are available in stylish black or classic white.

For more information on our range of air care products on offer to your business, go to the Citron Hygiene air care dedicated page.


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