Maintaining a healthy workplace – World Health Day 2019

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It is alarming to think that in the 21st century over half of the world’s population don’t have access to basic health services with 11.7% of people worldwide spending at least 10% of their household expenditure on health services. 11.7% equates to almost 808 million people and nearly a quarter of that number spend 25% of their monthly budget on health services.

The Aim of World Health Day

Each year, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) organizes World Health Day with the objective of addressing issues that the worldwide healthcare system is facing currently.

This year, World Health Day which is taking place on the 7th April, 2019 aims to address the issue of the lack of universal health coverage worldwide by using the campaign to highlight what services and support should be available to individuals and reinforcing what equal access to healthcare looks like through the use of visual materials.

As a definition, achieving universal health coverage means ‘ensuring that all people receive the essential health services they need without being exposed to financial hardship as a result’ and ensuring all countries have the same commitment to delivering quality, safe healthcare services.

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service

World Health Day also presents an opportunity for government leaders, ministers of health and businesses to consider what else they could be doing to improve and maintain the healthcare services in their own country.

The National Health Service or the NHS; as it is better known in the United Kingdom, recently celebrated it’s 70th anniversary. And while we are pretty lucky in the U.K. to have access to universal health coverage there are still things that businesses can do to improve the health, well-being and safety of staff and visitors.

Provide a safe and healthy workplace environment for staff and visitors

Creating a safe workplace environment is vital to ensure the health and well-being of your staff and visitors. To further highlight your commitment to creating a safe and healthy workplace there are several steps that all businesses can take to eliminate potential hazards.

Disposing of Sharps Safely and Correctly

One possible hazard that staff and visitors may come into contact with is sharps. Sharps are classified as any object that has a sharp point or edge that can puncture the skin.

If sharps are not dealt with correctly, they have the potential to cause a great deal of harm so it is important that your business is taking the correct steps to dispose of sharps in the right way to ensure this does not happen.  To correctly dispose of sharps safely and effectively, it is advisory to seek professional advice and solutions.

The first step in preventing sharps injuries is to clean up sharps in the right manner using a sharps injury prevention kit. Citron Hygiene’s sharps injury prevention kit has been designed to ensure the user safely disposes of sharps correctly to prevent any injury and infection. In places where visitors and staff are more likely to come into contact with sharps such as hospitals, surgeries and vet clinics it is important that kits are provided to safely clean up sharps.

Sharps should be disposed of safely using effective sharps disposal units. Citron Hygiene offer a variety of units that come in different sizes to suit your own business needs. All of our impenetrable units meet strict British safety standards and we offer varying service frequencies to ensure safe collection and disposal of sharps at a time that suits you.

Safely Deal with Body Fluid Spillages

Body fluid spillages including blood, vomit and urine are a common hazard in workplace environments such as hospitals, GP surgeries and clinics. Body fluids are a source of bacteria and viruses and if not dealt with and cleaned up correctly there is a high risk of spreading infection.

It is important that body fluid is cleaned up safely and effectively to minimise the risk of infection of staff and visitors to your business.

The Citron Hygiene Body Fluid Spill Kit contains all the items you need to safely deal with the area affected by body fluid spillages including a waste disposal bag, scoop, scrape and disinfectant.

Safe Waste Disposal of Controlled Drugs

One step to improving healthcare in the United Kingdom is through the correct management and disposal of controlled drugs. Very often controlled drugs do not get used; either because the individual does not complete the full prescription or because the medicines go out of date. It is vital that pharmacies and other healthcare businesses take the right steps to denature controlled drugs to prevent them from being mis-used or recovered in the future.

Healthcare businesses have a duty of care to dispose of controlled drugs safely and to comply with strict government legislation.There are high levels of regulation in the U.K. as controlled drugs can be particularly addictive and harmful in the wrong hands.

The Citron Hygiene controlled drugs denaturing kit will ensure your business is complying with legislation and will render drugs harmless by denaturing them in a solid resin. Once classified as irretrievable, the drugs kit can be safely disposed of in one of our pharmaceutical waste bins.

Create a safe workplace environment with Citron Hygiene

Ensure your business is creating a safe workplace environment and looking after the health and wellbeing of staff and visitors by eliminating potential hazards.

Citron Hygiene are experts in helping to provide a safe and healthy workplace environment with our range of solutions designed to minimise risk and hazards.

If you would like to find out more, then please call 08000 66 55 52 and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your business’ requirements.

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