International Women’s Day 2018 – Overcoming Feminine Hygiene Issues

The 8th March is International Women’s Day and this year Citron Hygiene UK want to raise awareness around the issues that women and girls around the world face every single day. In the UK sanitary products are easily accessible and, in most cases, affordable, but unfortunately this is not the case for millions of women around the world.

Many women are forced to use unsatisfactory and unhygienic alternatives to feminine hygiene products.

Facts about feminine hygiene

The statistics of feminine hygiene issues around the world reveals the true extent of the problem we are facing:

  • 50% of girls in India are not properly educated and therefore know nothing about periods until they start their own
  • Due to the high cost, only 16% of women and girls in India use sanitary towels
  • Shockingly, 80% of women in Bangladesh use an old cloth during menstruation
  • During menstruation, 60% of women in Nepal are forced to avoid social gatherings
  • 28% of women in Indonesia take time off from school during menstruation

What can we do to help?

The above statistics reveal that feminine hygiene issues are most prevalent in low income countries. There is a lack of education and accessibility to sanitary products and the cost remains high to use them.

Increasing access to proper sanitary products and working hard to educate women in lower income regions on what to do during menstruation is vital to help improve their quality of life.

Join Citron Hygiene in supporting International Women’s Day and raising awareness about feminine hygiene issues suffered by millions around the world.

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