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Water Management Guide: Managing water intelligently

A clean and hygienic washroom environment speaks volumes about your company to staff, customers and visitors alike.  However, maintaining such an environment often comes at a great cost to a business, as they needlessly flush away water in an effort to control odour and stop drains from blocking. Traditional urinal systems are set to flush periodically – often as frequently as every 15 minutes. With a typical urinal cistern holding between 7 & 12 litres of water, you can see how this quickly adds up! Whilst an obvious solution to this would seem to be to set the system to flush less often, it’s unfortunately not quite that simple.

One of the main reasons traditional systems flush so frequently is to reduce the build-up of uric salts, the primary cause of blockages and malodours in the washroom. Whilst this may be effective at removing the salts, it means that a far greater volume of water is used than is strictly necessary. As we will see later in this guide, an intelligent approach to water management involves the use of solutions that directly combat these uric salts and also control the flushing frequency.

Intelligent water management systems can save businesses thousands of pounds a year, and also radically reduce the environmental impact of their washrooms. So, how do these systems work?

First, eliminate the need for regular flushing

There are now more modern methods to dissolve uric salts and control bad odours.

Citron’s Actiflow urinal cartridges, sit in the urinal outlet and target uric salts, the main cause of blockages and foul smelling odours in washrooms. The enzymes in the cartridge break down the salts so they are soluble and flushed out of the system with the waste water – therefore, no blockages. What’s more, thanks to their advanced odour trap technology, Actiflow also stops nasty odours rising up from the pipework. So now you don’t need to flush so often, lets look at how to control the flush cycle next.

How intelligent water management works

Unlike traditional systems that have no means of control, an intelligent water management system is fully programmable and can not only be tailored to individual venues but also to individual washrooms within a building. This provides operators with full control over their washrooms and ensures they can maximise the efficiency of each system. And with an integrated clock, the flush times can also be set to reflect your usage pattern, for example break times. The system also allows operators to “remote flush”, enabling them to override the system and force a flush if required – such as after a particularly busy period or cleaning.

Calculating water savings

Businesses are regularly looking at areas where they can improve efficiencies and reduce costs, and with utility prices usually on the increase, one such area is the company washrooms. But how much can the measures mentioned in this guide realistically save your business?

There are of course a number of factors involved in calculating this saving, including the number of days of operation, the level of use and the cistern capacity. However, thanks to Citron’s Water Saving Calculator you can take out the guess work and accurately calculate how much an intelligent water management system could be saving your business.

Effective & Efficient Water Management

The combination of the Actiflow system and an Intelligent water management solution can not only reduce water costs and wastage, but also help to improve the washroom environment by eradicating blockages and breaking down uric salts, the source of malodours. The reduction in water usage is not only good news for your finances but also for the environment, reducing the use, and waste, of this scarce resource.

To find out about how much you could be saving and how intelligent water management could benefit your business, talk to Citron Hygiene today.

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