Hygiene & Safety in the Manufacturing Industry – A Free Guide

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Manufacturing plays a significant role in Britain’s economy accounting for just under £300 billion of total exports while also being recognised as the 9th largest manufacturing country in the world by output. While the figures speak for themselves, the sector is powered by people – 2.7 million to be precise. Without a committed and skilled workforce that includes plant managers to engineers and designers, the industry would not be the economic powerhouse that it is. However, it is reported that the average employee who works in the manufacturing industry takes 5.7 days off sick each year – resulting in losses due to t reduction in productivity and efficiency. In a climate that is shaped by the covid-19 pandemic, it’s much more important than ever to ensure this industry can continue to thrive and at the heart of this is keeping workers safe and healthy.

In this guide, we explore what measures can be implemented to ensure you are providing the safest and most hygienic workplace environment for your workforce. This guide is aimed to help you understand what steps can be taken, and with a handy checklist you can assess your current measures and learn how they can be enhanced for better safety, hygiene and health.

What’s included in this Manufacturing & Warehousing Hygiene Guide?

  • How Covid-19 has impacted the industry
  • What the Manufacturing Industry of the Future may look like
  • Expert advice on how to improve hygiene and safety standards
  • The benefits of hygiene and safety for this industry
  • Infographic on germ hotspots to watch out for in the factory
  • How to create a safe workplace now and in the future
  • A manufacturing hygiene scorecard to assess current standards

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