How to Save Costs in the Washroom

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A clean and hygienic washroom environment plays a vital role in the whole customer and employee experience. This has been further emphasised due to the covid-19 pandemic as people’s expectations increase while businesses need to take steps to create covid-safe workplaces. It’s not just covid-19 though. A hygienic washroom can prevent transmission of a whole range of illnesses from the common cold and flu to hepatitis and E.coli.

However, as businesses continue to navigate a challenging landscape, you may be looking to reduce costs at this time. So how do you get the balance between reducing costs and offering a safe and hygienic washroom? We are here to tell you that with the right solutions you can achieve both…

Cost-Saving Washroom Solutions

Water management solutions

Water can be a big culprit when it comes to waste in the washroom. By installing some clever water management solutions in your washroom you can in turn save costs. From implementing modern flush systems that transform traditional cisterns into variable systems to water saving solutions for urinals, you could save up to 90% on your water bills. Citron Hygiene can also fit a Smart Water meter into your business that intelligently tracks water usage and can help you identify where water is being wasted in your business. This helps as if you do have problems with drain pipes or leaking taps, you can fix the issues before they turn into costly problems.

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How does your water use add up?

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Eco-friendly Hand Dryers

Older models of hand dryers can be highly inefficient and if you haven’t replaced your hand dryers for a while, now may be the time to do. If your hand dryers are past their sell by date, they may break and this means you may have to call in for repairs and, even worse your washroom may be out of order while things are fixed. Opting for newer hand dryers can help your business provide a great customer experience while many modern models have been made with the environment in mind. New hand dryers can dry hands fast and use far less energy which can equate to big cost savings than older counterparts.  Find out more by reading our ultimate guide to commercial hand dryers. 

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Could new hand dryers save your business money?

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Touch-free dispensers

Automatic dispensers are not only more hygienic due to less person to surface infection transmission, but they can save you costs on washroom refills. Operated by infra-red sensors, touch-free dispensers such as this Auto-Hand sanitiser or Auto-Soap dispenser, provide just the right amount of soap to the user operated by an infra-red sensor. This leads to less waste and less product dripping on to surface tops in your washroom. Less waste = less refills = lower costs. It’s a great business decision.

Product dispensers

In addition to hands-free dispensers, the presence of any sort of dispenser can help you save costs. Toilet rolls that are scattered on ledges in cubicles or soap bottles on the side can lead to users taking as much as they please while you may find you’re going through more toilet roll than you need as they end up on the floor! Proper dispensers are a cost-effective way of keeping products safe and secure. Studies have also shown that an effective dispenser will reduce the amount of toilet paper used.

Waste Disposal Bins

The lack of disposal bins for infant waste, sanitary or incontinence waste can lead to costly problems. Without a bin for safe and hygienic waste disposal, where does waste naturally end up? Down the toilet. This will mean you have to call out the plumber down the line resulting in unexpected bills. Don’t neglect to provide effective hygiene units. These days, there are a wide variety of options to suit all business requirements.

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The True Value of Washroom Hygiene

The important thing to remember when are looking to save costs is the potential return from investing in washroom solutions. As hygiene is set to become more important, investing in solutions for enhanced hygiene can bring a number of benefits to your business including happier customers and employees, repeat visits from customers, positive word of mouth, greater productivity and reduced sick days. All these benefits over time can amount to increased sales and profit for your business. The question really is can you afford not to refresh your washroom?

Cost-Effective Solutions from Citron Hygiene

No matter what industry you come from or whether you have 1 to 100 premises large or small premises, Citron Hygiene have a range of innovative washroom solutions that are cost-effective and can be tailored to meet your business’ requirements. Products include touch-free hand sanitiser stations and paper dispensers.  We offer free installation and dispensers with reliable and effective servicing on a pre-agreed schedule.

Not sure what solutions your business would benefit from? Contact Citron Hygiene to arrange your free washroom consultation where we can also advise on what cost-savings you could potentially make.

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