How to clean commercial floor mats

Floor mats are an important part of any business’ floorcare solutions. They often act as the first line of defence in preventing dirt being brought into your business premises. Mats certainly have a vital role to play, especially when you consider that 80% of dirt is carried into buildings on the soles of shoes.

Mats protect floors by actively trapping dirt and moisture, and this means that your mats are going to get dirty. They need to be cleaned to remove the dirt, but what is the best cleaning method for your commercial mats? The cleaning method you are using at the moment might not be as effective as you thought.

Effectively Cleaning Commercial Mats

When it comes to cleaning entrance mats hoovering may seem like an effective approach. However, only 10% of dirt is removed by hoovering, meaning that this is not a very effective cleaning method.

If you simply rely on hoovering then your mats will become less effective at stopping dirt and grime being brought into your building. This will lead to dirty floors, which will certainly give the wrong impression to any visitors, as well as increasing cleaning costs and potentially increasing the risk of slips and trips.

When you consider that 50% of all reported accidents are due to slips and trips, it becomes clear why employing the correct floorcare solutions are essential for your business. It is important to maintain a high standard of health and safety for staff and visitors to your premises.

Professionally Launder Commercial Mats

The best approach to cleaning your mats is to have them professionally laundered on a regular basis, to ensure that they remain effective. If mats are not laundered correctly then they will lose their effectiveness when it comes to actively trapping dirt and grime.

Renting Commercial Mats

Organising your commercial mats to be professionally laundered can be a highly time consuming process. That’s why it may make more sense for your business to rent your mats instead of purchasing them outright.

For example, Citron Hygiene’s lift and lay service ensures that your mats are changed on a regular basis. This will help to keep your floors clean and most importantly safe. The used mats are taken away and professionally laundered to ensure their continued effectiveness as a cleaning solution.

Floorcare Health & Safety

Old mats are a risk when it comes to health and safety. They can easily become a trip hazard as they wear, which causes the corners to bend and the mat to lose its shape.

It is also especially important in winter to replace your mats regularly. If your business puts grit and salt down outside to prevent people slipping outdoors, then the grit will be brought into the building on the soles of people’s shoes. This can do a great deal of damage to floors, and lead to slip hazards.

Citron Hygiene’s lift and lay surface mats will be changed regularly to make sure they prevent both the above issues from happening.

Helping The Environment with Recyclable Mats

There will inevitably come a point when mats can no longer be used and this is why Citron Hygiene have worked hard to make sure all of our end-of-life mats are now recycled and not placed in landfill. To date, this has helped to divert 12 tonnes of mats from landfill.

Implementing Effective Floorcare Solutions

Floor mats are an important part of any business’ floorcare solutions, but cleaning them is not always easy. Renting your mats may well be the best option to ensure that they are cleaned regularly and remain effective at stopping dirt from entering your building. Make sure your business is using an effective first line of defence with a clean floor mat, capable of trapping dirt and moisture, to keep your floors looking pristine.

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