How Many Sanitary Bins Do I Need? 

When designing the layout of your business washroom, it is important to consider providing sanitary bins to ensure you are offering a discreet and hygienic place for washroom users to dispose of their sanitary waste. It is essential to understand the legal requirements when providing sanitary bins in your commercial washroom and ensure you have the right number of bins to meet your users’ requirements. Providing inadequate facilities may also have a negative impact on the washroom experience and how your employees and customers perceive your business.

Is it a legal requirement to provide sanitary bins?

Providing your employees and customers with sanitary bins to dispose of feminine hygiene waste is not only essential to maintaining a hygienic washroom but is also a legal requirement in the UK. The rules and regulations around the disposal of sanitary waste are outlined under several acts and failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in large fines for your business. The law also states that the disposal of waste should be carried out by a licensed sanitary waste disposal company, such as Citron Hygiene, to ensure this is done correctly and safely, with all the required documentation filled out.

How many Sanitary bins should a commercial washroom have?

When it comes to the number of sanitary bins needed within your company washroom, there is no specific legal requirement. The size and design of your washroom will often be a dictating factor when deciding not only how many sanitary bins to provide and what style of period bin to opt for.

A large washroom will require more than one bin and they should be placed in areas with the most footfall to ensure there is sufficient capacity for the disposal of feminine hygiene waste. Ideally, there should be one sanitary bin for every cubicle in the washrooms you have, so that all users have easy access to dispose of their waste and to avoid any waste being flushed down the toilet.

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Types of sanitary bins

There are various types of sanitary bins available, allowing you to choose the right solution dependant on the size and design of your washroom:

Foot pedal sani-bins

Foot pedal sanitary bins are a great option to minimise the risk of cross-contamination as they offer hands-free operation. Choosing a foot pedal sanitary bin with a bi-sided cover allows it to be placed on either side of the washroom cubicle dependant on its layout.

Touch-free sanitary bins

A touch-free sanitary bin provides an even safer, more hygienic solution for a business washroom. Touch-free sanitary bins use infra-red technology, with a sensor that detects hand movement in order to open the lid automatically, allowing for the further prevention of cross-infection. This further improves ease of use for the user, to elevate the washroom experience.

Wall-mounted sanitary bins

A wall-mounted sanitary bin provides the perfect solution for washrooms that have smaller cubicles, allowing you to provide the required sanitary bin, without compromising on floor space. The Hygeia sanitary unit from Citron Hygiene is a wall-mounted option that is not only practical but a stylish addition to any washroom.

Sanitary disposal bags

You should also consider providing sanitary bags within your business washroom, allowing washroom users to transfer waste safely and discreetly to a sanitary disposal bin without fear of cross contamination. Sanitary bags also help to reduce malodours within your business washroom. Eco-friendly sanitary bags offer a perfect solution for the disposal of sanitary products whilst also minimising the impact on the environment, helping your business contribute towards its sustainability goals.

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Where to get sanitary bins for your commercial washroom?

Citron Hygiene is a leading supplier of sanitary bins and offer a wide range of sanitary disposal units with a liner service. Our sanitary bins service can be tailored to your business’ requirements to ensure you adhere to the legal requirements, whilst meeting the needs of your washroom users. For more information on how Citron Hygiene can provide a tailored sanitary bin service solution to your business, get in touch today.

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