Here For You In An Emergency


There are always those unwanted, awkward moments when life throws you a curve ball, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.  This is when vending machines can save the day, providing quick and easy access to every-day essentials –  whether it’s a clean nappy for parents needing to change their baby, or a member of staff wanting aspirin for a bad headache.  The range of vending machine items means every company, whether business or leisure, can accommodate a wide range of needs for their staff and for their visitors.

Many businesses recognise that their employees don’t always have the time or opportunity to get the essentials they need, so providing a handy stock of useful items like toothpaste, tights, aspirin and deodorant, which are available in the Citron 6 Column vending machine, can help make life at the office a little easier.

For those businesses involved in the leisure industry, it’s these little touches that help to create an even better customer experience.  Ultimately, people appreciate being able to buy the things they need at the touch of a button, including:

Feminine Hygiene Products

Vending machines can be a very welcome sight in female washrooms, especially if they provide a choice of sanitary towels as some women want an alternative to tampons. Our feminine hygiene vending machines  offer sanitary protection from leading brands, Always and Tampax.

Female staff and visitors will appreciate access to the sanitary protection of their choice, exactly when they need it.

Citron Hygiene’s  fully managed rental service gives businesses peace of mind, as there is no need to worry about maintaining the vending machine or products running out.


Being caught short without a nappy is every parent’s nightmare so being able to purchase one easily at the crucial moment can mean everything. For many retailers and those involved in the leisure industry, the provision of great baby changing facilities, including a baby-changing unit and hygienic nappy bins, is an influential factor in securing customer loyalty from parents with young children.

Not only are parents able to quickly make their baby clean and comfortable, it also encourages parents to either seek out your business in order to use the baby changing facilities, or to remain in your shop or restaurant whilst they tend to their children.

Citron Hygiene’s nappy vending unit dispenses a pack with a unisex nappy, two wipes and a disposal bag for just £2.00. Its slim design is attractive and easy to use. Citron Hygiene’s fully managed rental service takes away the headache of maintaining the machine or the products running out, which is peace of mind for you and reassurance for your customers.


Easy and discreet access to condoms is a service that many leisure industries like to offer their male clientele. Our Male Vending Machines  are slim and stylish additions for male washrooms, providing customers with a choice of two different products.  The clear labeling and easy access ensures a fuss-free purchase,and to make doubly sure there are always condoms available, you can opt for our fully-managed washroom service to ensure supplies never run out.

Here for you in an emergency?  Absolutely!

Citron Hygiene can be here for you and your customers with our local servicing that ensures your vending machines are filled at all times.

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