Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels

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Citron Hygiene offers a range of both stylish hand dryers and quality paper towels. Modern hand dryers, compared to previous generations, are much faster and efficient, plus they are more durable and cope with high volume use. The range of paper products and dispensers to suit all washrooms and other areas where hand drying is necessary.

Factors for You to Consider

At Citron Hygiene our staff are always there to advise, as each washroom facility will have its own requirements such as size and the volume of people who use it. It will be dependant upon each individual customer and what is best for them as to the preferred option of the hand dryer vs the paper towel. Limited space and lack of electricity often means paper/towel products.

Lets look at the various environmental pro’s and con’s for hand dryer vs paper towels.

For hand dryers The dryer will need a constant source of power Citron Hygiene range of dryer are CE & WEEE approved meaning consideration is given to their disposal and environmental impact.

The environmental impact of paper towels is predominantly in the material production and volume usage. The paper towels it can be argued only use energy in their initial production especially if sustainable trees are used. However there is also a carbon impact of the transport of the wood, paper pulp and the towels themselves. The product itself will not take as long to degrade saving the impact on the environment, but they cannot be recycled due to their nature. Consideration must be given to the volume of waste produced.

By way of an example: A fast food chain servicing c. 2,000 customers a day will generate approximately 10lbs of paper towel waste per day (1,700 paper towels!) Over a 12 month period, this would equate to 1.8 tons of waste – 6 cubic yards of landfill. These volumes translate into approximately thirty trees, 12,600 gallons of water and 7,380 kW/h of electricity each year. A typical life of a dryer is 10 years so, by installing a hand dryer, the fast food chain could expect to save 300 trees, 126,000 gallons of water, 60,000 kW/h of electricity, 18 tons of waste and 60 cubic yards of landfill every year.

Not to mention the cost saving by switching to electric hand dryers. Whatever the choice is on hand dryer vs paper towels, it will be what is best for the specific customer because of differing washroom through-put and needs. And because the choice comes down to individual circumstances either option may be the correct option having considered environmental factors.


If you need more help deciding on whether paper towels or hand dryers are the best option for your washrooms why not contact the knowledgeable Citron Hygiene team.

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