Finding Solutions to The Global Water Crisis – World Water Day

world water day
It is perhaps difficult to relate to the fact that there is a Global Water Crisis when you live in the UK. When we turn the tap on, clean water comes out, which we can use to drink and wash with. However, there are 2.1 billion people in the world who live without safe drinking water at home. This inevitably has a huge impact on their health and livelihoods. World Water Day is a chance for all of us to appreciate something we take for granted: clean, safe water.

The Aim of World Water Day

World Water Day takes place on the 22nd March every year and is organised by UN Water. The first international World Water Day was held in 1993 and the main objective is to raise awareness about the world’s water related issues and inspire people to take action to improve the situation. Each year World Water Day has a specific annual theme, with recent years focusing on Water and Energy in 2014, Water and Sustainable Development in 2015, Better Water, Better Jobs in 2016 and Why Waste Water? in 2017.  The theme for 2018 focuses around using solutions we find in nature to help reduce floods, droughts and water pollution. This year, the aim is to increase awareness and appreciation of how nature-based solutions can help to rectify a number of the water challenges faced around the world. The day also focuses on the sustainable management of water, with the ultimate aim of ensuring everyone has access to safe water by 2030.1

Saving Water in Your Workplace

World Water Day gives us a chance to reflect on what businesses can do to reduce overall water usage. If you would like to find out more information about how your business can reduce water wastage and save money, download our free water management guide.or contact the Citron Hygiene team to discuss our water saving solutions.

Waste Water Management

World Water Day’s main focus is to raise awareness about water issues in less developed countries, but also focuses on the wider world issue of improving sustainable water management. When you consider that the average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water every day, it becomes obvious that sustainable water management is an issue we need to take seriously.2 It is also important to realise that using water requires large amounts of energy. Improving the management of water in your business’ washrooms can reduce energy cost thereby saving money and the environment.

Reduce Water Costs

There are a number of intelligent water management solutions that can be implemented to help save water and reduce costs. Using water more intelligently could save your company up to 90% on your water bills. Intelligent Water Management Systems from Citron Hygiene can help save water, as well as help to maintain the highest standard of hygiene in washrooms. For example, the Actiflow System is made of 100% biodegradable plastic and controls flushing frequency to reduce water usage. You could also implement the Actiflush water saving system, which can be fitted to traditional toilets to convert them into variable flush systems, a common feature of more modern toilets. This allows users to choose how much water they use. References

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