The challenges presented by high street retail

Caffe Nero, the premium coffee and food retail chain, is an instantly recognisable name on the high street with over 600 stores across the world. They understand the importance of the washroom experience and how it can reflect on other parts of the business. If a customer perceives a washroom to be dirty or unhygienic, they are likely to take their custom elsewhere. To avoid this and present the best washroom environment, they chose Citron Hygiene as their services provider.

Kaz Grzechowski from Caffè Nero explains in simple terms what they were looking for in their chosen provider, “Our reputation for premium coffee & food in a unique atmosphere with great customer service means that our washrooms are very important – but so too is a cost effective service. In our experience this was not always the case and hence the reason behind choosing Citron Hygiene”.

Chris Titley, Operations Director at Citron Hygiene, explains how important proper planning is when dealing with a large organisation like Caffè Nero. “We already had in place the national capability and the infrastructure to manage this premium account, and many others like it. For Caffe Nero we had to initially install over 1,000 products nationally and then support this with a best-in-class service schedule of over 1,000 exchanges every week. This demonstrates the importance of expert planning and mobilisation and confirms why Caffe Nero chose us.”

Price, Service & Quality

Caffè Nero highlighted the need for competitive prices and strong account management to ensure they remain leaders on the high street. However, they didn’t want service and quality to suffer as a consequence. With Citron Hygiene as their partner they could be sure of exceptional customer service supported by best-in-class quality.

Elevate the washroom experience

Citron Hygiene provide a complete range of washroom hygiene solutions, priding ourselves on delivering on-time, reliable services. Our range includes sanitary bins, infant care solutions, commercial hand dryers and water management solutions. To find out how we can help your business enhance the washroom experience, contact our team to get started.