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As any facilities manager will tell you, keeping well-maintained premises is a complex and ever-changing process, which requires a high degree of organisation and operational efficiency. And, of course, the larger the size and number of premises, the greater the level of management and co-ordination is required. Maintaining buildings, equipment and facilities consumes both time and resources from already-overstretched facilities departments. It therefore, often makes both economic and practical sense to outsource certain functions to specialist suppliers who can alleviate the burden whilst providing a level of knowledge and expertise that the organisation is unlikely to have in-house. One such function is that of waste management, especially when it involves sanitary, clinical, hazardous or offensive waste.

Waste Removal Service

The safe, hygienic disposal of sanitary, clinical, hazardous or offensive waste is governed by an array of legislations and regulations, and so it’s very important that organisations understand their legal responsibilities. By using a professional waste removal company, an organisation can ensure they comply with the legislation and that all waste is managed appropriately and sensitively. Whilst it is often the responsibility of the organisation in question to ensure they have the necessary licenses and documentation, the professional waste disposal company can provide essential advice and guidance whilst also keeping the client abreast of any changes in legislation.

Duty of Care in Waste Management

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 and The Waste and Contaminated Land (Northern Ireland) Order 1997 place a “Duty of Care” on anyone who produces, collects, treats and disposes of waste, including feminine hygiene, clinical waste and sharps. The main principle governed by the Duty of Care is documenting the transfer of waste and its destination. Whilst not all aspects of the legislation are relevant to all organisations, it’s important when engaging a waste disposal company to check that your chosen contractor can provide proof of compliance with the laws.

Tailored Waste Disposal

Beyond simply the rules and regulations of waste removal, there are numerous logistical advantages to employing a waste management company to dispose of sanitary, hazardous, clinical or offensive waste. Whatever your objective, be it the maintenance of a clean, hygienic company washroom or the safe disposal of clinical waste, co-ordinating a regular, efficient service can consume valuable time and resources unless an external contractor is employed. This becomes particularly pertinent if an organisation has multiple locations spread across a wide geographic area. At Citron Hygiene, we provide a dedicated consultation service to assess a company’s requirements and tailor a waste disposal service accordingly. By evaluating the specific needs of an organisation, we will provide the correct level of service and one that complies with all relevant legislation.

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